EPISODE 9 TRAILER FULL BREAKDOWN Everything Palpatine REALLY Did When 1 day ago   07:15

Star Wars Theory
we just got the Star Wars Episode 9 Trailer so here's the full breakdown.
We go over scenes of Rey with the Skywalker lightsaber, Kylo with his helmet fixed, and shots of other returning characters. We also see...the return of the Death Star and hear Darth Sidious/Palpatine's voice...with the title reveal of Rise of Skywalker...could this mean it's about Luke Skywalker? Anakin Skywalker? Rey? Kylo?

I can't wait!!!!!

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Star Wars Theory
a surprise to be sure...
CoRRupted rIfT
What if jar jar came back and became a sith
CoRRupted rIfT
Or palpatine tried to use the force to make his body back to normal then tries to bring plagueis
As far as I am concerned . Star Wars has not been Good since 1983.
Niam Lad
Maybe since it’s called rise of skywalker it’s referring to anikan
Ted Sullivan
Finally not some pretend non conformist video with some idoit ranting over every tiny plot hole.
Ohh There Teij Is
2:29 Rebelion Rebuilds and used deathstar.
The BattleRoyaler
The rebellion is back baby, yes. I should rename my channel to nostalgia galore

EDIT: The trailer is Palpatine approved
I didn't like the trailer. There is a "veil of awesomeness" which shrouds what is otherwise emptiness and blankness. Compare it with the trailers of the previous two movies. In "The Force Awakens" we have Rey being asked "who are you" and she answers "I'm no-one", telling the audience right there what the movie is all about, whilst leaving TONS up for speculation, it's deep and there's a lot of meat there. In "The Last Jedi" we have Snoke talking about Kylo, we have Luke saying things, we have so much. Both movies featured deep concepts more than just fluff and action and eye-candy.

This trailer? With nearly half of it being Rey back-flipping to cut a tie-fighter? That's fluff, that's awesome... but it's also meaningless, it's one tie-fighter down, and that's it. It's awesome-fluff that blinds the eyes of viewers to the fact that... it's just fluff, empty, there's nothing there! This is the TRAILER! This is supposed to show the best the movie has to offer! If the best they have to offer is Rey doing a force-backflip all so she can slice one tie-fighter then the movie doesn't have much.

I fear it's going to be fluff, I've feared that since Episode 8 came out, and this trailer is not helping me to put aside my fears.
What if Rey is a Palpatine? Who knows, maybe Kylo Ren couldn’t see who Reys parents because Palpatine is to strong for Kylo to be able to see him as her parent. I think it’s possible.
Chris Berg
Just watched the force awakens for the second time. Only because i tried the night before but couldnt cuz it was just .... Theres no word in english language. But tonight i had a vision through the force. It showed me they made a mistake. This movie was suppose to be titled spaceballs II. Dark hemets revenge. I believe the real starwars 7.8.9 will be made but only in another galaxy far far away
I think that palpaten was a clone from Vader from the scar on his head
Arby Cook
So is that the force ghost of Carrie Fisher or the real one? This trend of including dead actors in your cast has to stop. I mean is this a Star Wars movie or is it an episode of The Walking Dead.
Yea BUT.....What ever happened to this new series being about all the "new characters"?  To this point and apparently including the next movie this has basically been an extension of the original 3.  Which is fine with me but it was done by accident.  That's why they thought it was ok to kill of Luke like they did.  And how did that decision work out?  If they had from the beginning focused on the original characters it would have made the best story and as it turns out its the only possible story and they only realize it in episode 9.  That is why all the changes done late to number 9.
Josh Clyde
Snoke was also killed the same way as Palpatine
Who would be up for Kylo Ren Vs Palpatine (if he is alive)
A *
What is Skywalker refers to the whole clan and not just one individual? Possible.
Penguin Cheese
Although Rey is a Kenobi
Don'tch ya know?
If Anakin isn’t really gone maybe kylo ren could change he’s mind to be one of the rebels eventually.

I’ll say anything at this Point to make reylo happen.
Josh Cahill
dont think thats kylo rens hands... 1:23
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Everything Palpatine REALLY Did When EPISODE 9 TRAILER FULL BREAKDOWN 1 day ago   13:47

In Star Wars The Phantom Menace, we never got to see the death of Plagueis, or Darth Plagueis at all for that matter...however, in the novel, Palpatine ruthlessly kills his old master, and this video goes over everything that he did and his thoughts during. I hope you enjoy!

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