Action Camera in Poundland Phone Bluetooth Remote for Cameras and Smartphones 1 day ago   06:00

Action Camera in Poundland Phone tripod Simples. Bargain store project. I had planned a much more involved modification involving disassembling the clamp and bending it to a new shape then I realised there was a much simpler option.

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Put a rubber band on it
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thehappylittlefox aka benji
cool I have been playing with similar devices to mount cameras and other devices you could try using a rubber eraser they come in all different sizes and thicknesses and I have used those blue sticky postage stamp size rubber pieces you find in the street after someone has had new windows fitted
Larry Dye
A simple solution, and you preserved the original function--to hold a cell phone. Also, thanks for including the viewer in the process of working through the problem with you! Congratulations!
Good sharing👍
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Bluetooth Remote for Cameras and Smartphones Action Camera in Poundland Phone 1 day ago   09:50

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