Live: David Lidington takes David Cameron's most memorable 1 day ago   49:55

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The Prime Minister's deputy, David Lidington, leads Prime Minister's Questions in the first session since MPs returned from their Easter break.

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Tony Baines
wheres calamity may ?
Clinton Maslen
Very subdued PMQs - the current political climate is without question responsible for causing some of the unrest and tension - to distance itself entirely from the motivation of these mad individuals is folly. Why is it all starting again? What is the protagonist? It almost gives the perpetrators something to attach to - just like most parasitic evil. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to recognise some connections. Parliament must recognise it has responsibility and duty of care for getting Brexit finalised so it can concentrate on on other matters. As far as I'm concerned Religion poisons everything, it does nothing to build bridges or address matters of ethics and basic human morality or needs. Humanity must wake up from the houses of control which only rule by evil means.
God she is hopelesss
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David Cameron's most memorable Live: David Lidington takes 1 day ago   02:16

As David Cameron steps down as Prime Minister, we take a look at some of his most memorable performances during Prime Minister's Questions.

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