The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Breaking down the $1M allegedly moved 2 days ago   22:50

Mr Reagan
NOTE: I switched up some of the dates on these videos I'm showing so they're all wrong. Sorry guys. Pay no attention to the dates.
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Wow dude this is funny.
Justice Dems Stink.
xr28y ge3fl1
Its going to be ok Mr. Reagan, The First Amendment was made for Justice Democrats. Founding fathers knew what they were doing.
xr28y ge3fl1
They are after the Millennial vote
xr28y ge3fl1
AOC was a smart STEM kid in junior high. She won a award, for some reason she went for a liberal arts education. She came out of college as an absolute idiot. Its like she camnot think and reason for herself.
xr28y ge3fl1
Funny Saikat, the leader of Justice Democrats acts like he had absolutely nothing to do with AOC before she was elected in Bring Down the House Netflix doc.
Fake news, now fake Congress.
She's a puppet and the citizens are getting played. Gotta stop this crap.
AOC doesn't have staff. ... She IS the Staff!!! Her ultimate boss, through a convoluted accountability chain, is actually George Soros. Exley and Saiket are smart, but they're ultimately Soros pawns too. So is TYT and Cenk, the devil incarnate.
Diane Sullivan
I wonder if Pelosi and her establishment partners in crime are aware of this!! 😂 😳This is an outstanding video! It completely makes sense and explains so much! You are brilliant!
Google Account
This video is pure speculation. Whoever takes this as pure truth is brain dead
Sly Quasar
Or shes just using statistics... you know like a normal person trying to back up a claim? Unless you like to make up stuff on the spot in which case are you even qualified to make a video like this?

Ass Of Congress is NOT the only one!
Aj Wallace
Another Alex Jones wannabe, go figure.
ALPHA Fitter
Wow so much evidence here... 🙄
ALPHA Fitter
Sounds like you are describing President Donald Trump in this video. And I’ll add that this is exactly how politicians operate on an even grander scale. They all use the same talking points conjured up from their meeting rooms. Please tell me how AOC is any different?
Jim Hendricks
I've said she knows nothing without her Handlers
Sabine Johnson
Its because they keep drilling her name into our head you yourself must of said her name at least 25x during this video.
Tired of hearing her name
5teven dont believe in thieven
Alexandria Cortez for 300..... What is a retard
5teven dont believe in thieven
She won't debate anyone she just interviews with her own kind "Dems" because she don't have any knowledge on anything including garbage disposals or anything else.
this is dumb from the beginning, not surprising it's just more anti-aoc propaganda. hardly investigative reporting. you have some nerve dude. but right, you side with trump. hypocrisy thrives. lol oh noes its unethical that the voters are deciding who they want representing them, waaa... 22 minutes of this bs I won't get back.. but hey I am not biased, I gave you a shot to persuede me, I'm glad you shoot blanks. you're a con artist hoping to scare people.
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Breaking down the $1M allegedly moved The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 2 days ago   04:57

Ocasio-Cortez and her chief of staff allegedly moved $885K 'off the books'; 'Outnumbered' co-host Melissa Francis explains on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' #Tucker #FoxNews

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