Dumb Things In Home Alone 10 Creepy Things Everyone Ignores 7 days ago   05:53

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Home Alone is undeniably a Christmas classic. How could anyone not love it? It tells the story of a young boy, Kevin McCallister, who's accidentally left behind when his family leaves for a Christmas vacation. To make matters worse, two burglars have targeted the McCallister house while Kevin is there by himself. Unfortunately, that's also where things kind of start to break down. Kevin defends his homestead by setting up a series of elaborate and dangerous traps in order to stop the bad guys from robbing the place...instead of, you know, calling the cops. And that's just one of many of the dumb things in Home Alone that everyone just ignored...

Call the police | 0:35
The cops in this town suck | 1:23
Even the pizza boy has lost hope | 2:21
Marv doesn't know how TV works | 2:49
Uncle Frank is a monster | 3:25
The McCallisters may all be monsters | 4:25
Kevin is going to kill his family | 4:54

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Gavin Roberts
Don't pick at it kid.
Vegan Dolls
You're right. He should have called the police so there would be no movie? What a dumb thing to say. Now I'm gonna give you till the count of 10...1...2... TEN
Andy Watson
One thing I might add, most of those traps that Kevin set for the burglars would literally kill them. There was a video About the stuff that happens to the burglars explained by medical technicians.
scary how over reliant the sheep have become on the "cops" not to mention the alter they put them on. no wonder no one gives a damn when cops rob, cage or just outright murder a person in their own home.
Play games Finally
Wtf the cops are stupid in home alone and the criminals and every law in this stupid city and like everybody’s is stupid in this town the only person with a mine in this movie is Kevin and he’s mom
Brad Hedgehog
Frank...ugh I could punch that asshole in the face. I hate him so much
It's a comedy gOD
well, he actually cleaned everything. the only thing that was left was the golden tooth on the carpet.
It would be not interesting film.
Nicholas Boljkovac
Marv is supposed to be dumb!
I stole Jimins Jams
we all ignored these things because its home alone
Sarah K.
This is Kevin he is 0
👖Every like is 1 year of Kevin's life
👢How old would he get?
menace _is
u dumb fuck he called the police a lot of time to extent that they thought it was a joke so they stopped coming so the needed to capture the burglars and then call 911
Janelle Haines
Marves a dumb ass that’s why the movie bit works
Curlyfries 925
I think that Kevin is just a sadistic little shit and chose to torture the robbers rather than have them handed over properly to the authorities
Veteran Gamer Vault
That deleted scene, hahahaha. I have loved this movie since its release and continue to watch it every Christmas. Never thought of some of the things you listed. Good video
The Smartest kid in the world
Marty Keaton
Are you pulling a con on us with that last part?
Chenee Thompson
Kevin's such a beautiful boy!
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10 Creepy Things Everyone Ignores Dumb Things In Home Alone 7 days ago   11:25

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