Dumb Things In Home Alone 10 Most Expensive And Famous Firearms 3 months ago   05:53

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Home Alone is undeniably a Christmas classic. How could anyone not love it? It tells the story of a young boy, Kevin McCallister, who's accidentally left behind when his family leaves for a Christmas vacation. To make matters worse, two burglars have targeted the McCallister house while Kevin is there by himself. Unfortunately, that's also where things kind of start to break down. Kevin defends his homestead by setting up a series of elaborate and dangerous traps in order to stop the bad guys from robbing the place...instead of, you know, calling the cops. And that's just one of many of the dumb things in Home Alone that everyone just ignored...

Call the police | 0:35
The cops in this town suck | 1:23
Even the pizza boy has lost hope | 2:21
Marv doesn't know how TV works | 2:49
Uncle Frank is a monster | 3:25
The McCallisters may all be monsters | 4:25
Kevin is going to kill his family | 4:54

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Saa VA Music Media
I hate this movie I want Jordan Peel to remake this movie with the same type of white family and I hope the parents get arrested and Kevin kills the rest of the people in the house as a twist...... WHAT A TWIST!!!!!
Isak The Baron
StreamerBT W
Tbf if he called the cops his parents would be arrested soo
wow... Frank's a dick. :/
Abby's World
I bet Kevin is the youngest but I’m the oldest and I have the same problems as Kevin
Raining Insanity
Pls do dumb things in Inside Out
Derek G
Nothings just for fun with Millennials is it? Everything's dissected and over analysed and taken literally. I'm glad I grew up when I did. I was 9 when Home Alone came out. If it came out today Kevin would have been transgender and there'd be some big anti Trump theme to the movie.
But yeah, the cops are not portrayed in a flattering light lol
He gave the neighbor's house because he planned to lead the dudes there. He called at the moment that correlatedwith his time scheme.
Daureena Williams
kevin is jig saw
daniel gunner
He called the cops after because he wanted to fuck with the criminals, not because he didn't know. Little geniuses always come off as dumbasses to people.
Clare Bell
Thank you - I'm glad the point has FINALLY been made somewhere by someone ; what exactly does Kevin do wrong in this film? He is a sweet, innocent, 8 year old child who gets picked on and bullied by his family, especially Buzz and his horrible uncle Frank who clearly can't stand him and makes no secret of it! And when he needs sticking up for, even his own parents won't do it! My family and I always felt sorry for Kevin here because it's like he has no one to stand up for him, and gets punished for nothing! And his mum handles it badly when they're talking at the bottom of the stairs to the 3rd floor, when he says that everyone in the family hates him. She doesn't say they don't (which she should have), she just tells him to ask Santa for a new family! It's all just really unkind! I would have felt so unloved and unwanted if I were Kevin! :/
sannyplayz gaming skele sanny
Armando Sanchez
carlos sandoval
Kevin should've beaten buzz with a frying pan in the face 10 times
Abby's World
Dose the cops really think the kid is going to open the door because my dad tells me don’t open the door when I’m myself
Gacha - Chan
Crypt Zombie
He couldn't call the cops because the phone lines were destroyed by the storm. As they are leaving in the van to go to the airport, the worker from the phone company clearly explains to Kevin's mom that the "phone lines are a mess" and that it would take days to fix. End of that discussion. Next.
Sergio Of The Jungle
Call the police? Are you completely insane?
Gabriel Nielsen
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10 Most Expensive And Famous Firearms Dumb Things In Home Alone 3 months ago   11:10

Here are some of the most exclusive and valuable firearms in the world, along with their interesting background stories!