Trump: "China thinks we are dumb The cost of China’s millionaire migration 1 day ago   03:50

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Donald Trump says America should tax China to recoup the money the United States loses through outsourced jobs and manufacturing.

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Emily Dao
China Not think we dump. China think Democrats are dump
micheal mccarthy
It is what it is.
micheal mccarthy
John Hadleigh
You are an insane killer taking the American war machine to murder Against Gods Law
America spent lost time fighting not thinking ahead like Mr Putin
Ven Cheock
President Trump said, He can tax China very heavily ! Can He ?
Trump is correct. My friends from China all think the American people are stupid, especially our government. They are very happy to make $trillions from America.
Bee be Cee
That's not true.
They only think that you, Trump, is a sob stupid.
Edward Hess
America must hold all the American company back to america0
geezass price
geezass price
I laugh at you behind your back all the time you dumb son of a bitch
Harold Clendenen
The run-up to war. Been done before. No one ever learns.
Carla Navlyt
As a navy veteran I completely back Donald J Trump!!!
Marshall Eastwood
Gyna gyna gyna
Kenny Siu
it foolish to think your opponent is foolish. Hey, you were in your position for 3 years, you should had done it 3 years ago, why do it after trade talk failed ? The talk never going to finish in a good deal from the very beginning if either 1 of them never intended to finish it. Why wasted your and our time ? Stop buying from China and buy from another seller who sell higher price with lower quality, Leave China on her own, whether China/Germany/Russia/Middle East will develop their own os/chip is their problems, you should not do it now, ------------> you should had done what you claimed to be right at the very beginning i.e. 3 years ago, if what you said is right and you really believe in.
Mary Czarnik
The more companies that make stuff in the USA the price will go down, supply and demand.
Thuong Le
After killing more than 40 millions Chinese by starving them to death with the "great leap forward" campaign, Chinese communists (CCs) excavated Marxist capitalism so they could continue to commit crimes, in the opposite direction, against not only Chinese but also the whole world.

Marxist capitalism (or mistakenly called “crony capitalism” by some people) is a criminal economy system that favors the rich. In a Marxist capitalist system, corrupted politicians, using crimes, serve the rich only. Chinese communists spread Marxist Capitalism in order to destroy world economy and to make industrial countries that are infected with Marxist capitalism, bowed to their domination for profits. Marxist capitalism is used as the economy means of global domination, known as globalization or globalism. The idea of globalism is to make third-world countries slaves for cheap production, using Marxist capitalist model. Globalism is a conspiracy, a collusion between global capitalists and communists (Chinese communists and liberal socialists, world-wide), using Marxist capitalism, to rule the world. This Globalization, also known as corporate economy or free trade, is cherished by greedy corporations, liberal socialists and corrupted politicians world-wide.

For too long, Chinese people are brainwashed with Marxist ideology, tamed by terror, propaganda and intimidation, they become domestic animals to be exploited by Marxist capitalism. In a healthy world trade, cheap labor is balanced by workers rights. If a 10 dollars per unit to produce in the USA can be done with 5 dollars per unit to produce in Thailand, for example, then Thais worker earns all 5 dollars per unit work, so they have power to buy back.

In China, Chinese communists, colluded with Taiwanese labor racketeers, organized world-class blood-shops for middle-man contract manufacturing. Domestic animals have no rights, Chinese worker earns 10 cents per unit work from 5 dollars that the middle man charges from foreign corporates, so CCs and their cronies get filthy rich but Chinese people are very poor and they have no buying power. This criminal system, also known as corporate economy or free trade, or globalism, is cherished by greedy corporates and corrupted politicians (those who support globalism are called the globalists) who try to outsource all manufacturing plans to China.

With one billion slaves and unlimited money, the so called "made in china" trashes the whole world and erases all domestic industries world-wide, creating unemployments and poverty everywhere. Crimes paid handsomely, China was rewarded with "the most favorite trading country" by WTO, an instrument of Marxist capitalism, since the time of Bill Clinton. Globalists also try to find cheaper labors from other corrupted third world countries to compete with this Chinese economy whorehouse. NAFTA by Bill Clinton and TPP by Obama are the examples of the globalists "competitions" from the USA.

Since the advent of this criminal global system, seventy thousands manufacturing plans of the USA people, by the USA money, have disappeared; trade deficit amounts to twenty trillions dollars; fifty millions Americans lost real jobs in the biggest "job theft" of human history. Greed is our human nature, but using greed to promote crimes and using crimes to rule the world is evil act that can only be committed by the criminally insane CCs, assisted by global capitalists and submitted by liberal socialists.

CCs use Marxist capitalism to get rich and to spread poverty so that their surrogates (the liberal socialists) may use poverty to spread communism world-wide. From Marxist socialism to Marxist capitalism, Chinese communist thugs turn China into the world's most dangerous enemy of democracy, and remember, economy crimes are not the only crimes committed by Chinese commies. Help president Trump fight this global evil system to bring jobs back home, to restore true democracy and to save the USA and the world from Marxist capitalism.

Chinese communist thugs are manipulative not for the people of China, these thugs are not nationalists. In fact, they are the enemy of Chinese nationalists (and all nationalists, including president Trump), and they stop at no crimes to serve themselves and their evil global ideology, Marxist capitalism, that benefits the rich only. So president Trump should stop praising them as though they are nationalists, like those who praise the mother fucker Vietnamese communist Ho Chi Minh since the Vietnam war, big mistake.
Blane Banse
Blane Banse
LOV u,S, of
the U,S, of A... GOTRUMPGO
Hamilton Coolidge
6 april 2010
9 years ago.......previously shown
Why is this Not shown on "regular" t.v.....
Let's see..shows him in a good light?
Karen Dilday
Chin a make crap just go to well mart or shit mart . They r the dumbasses they have to steal every thing,they don't know know what there doing . GOD IS GOING to put them in there place.
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The cost of China’s millionaire migration Trump: "China thinks we are dumb 1 day ago   23:52

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