PMQs: What prime minister David Cameron ridicules Labour's 1 day ago   1:13:01

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Andrew Tillott
The title of this video doesn't make any sense at all.
Corbyn as a supporter of the most heinous murderers in history, the "Socialists," good luck maintaining civility in the cesspool that is London today with those "principles". When are you moving to Venezuela?
Corbyn's extremist left wing National Socialists or more commonly known as Nazi's have no place in a civilized democratic nation.
Theresa May keeps calling everyone honarable. Why?
Gil Gatoff
Jeremy Corbyn is a reincarnation of Adolf Hitler! He is an anti-semite, and a supporter of terrorism. He supported the IRA; he called Hamas and Hizbollah his "friends"; he lead demonstrations calling for the destruction of Israel: he compared the Jews to Nazis; he laid wreaths on the tombs of the Black September terrorists who murdered 11 athletes in the Munich Olympics in 1972; He supports Islamists like Raed Salah and Dyab Abou Jahjah.

This is by no means my opinion only. Ex chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks and American lawyer Alan Dershowitz have also said that Corbyn is an anti-semite. He purged the party from most Jews, and more recently had bullied a pregnant Jewish MP Luciana Berger, to force her to leave the party.

Many other members of the labour party are anti-semites. Labour had 673 internal(!) complaints of anti semitism in the past ten months. And by the way, other political parties are nowhere near that number.

They claim that they are just against Israel's foreign policy. Nevertheless, what has Israel's foreign policy got to do with Vicki Kirbi who complained that Jews had long noses; or Jackie Walker who claimed the Jews were behind the slave trade; or Ken Livingstone who said Hitler was a "zionist", or George Galloway who made anti-semitic remarks about North London football teams supported by Jewish fans.

I have links to sites that prove all of the above, which I will be happy to provide upon request.
Anton Lavrentiev
Old hag is protecting saudis as her own children
Gully gullible
Never trust the British government especially wen it's all white and especially this one which is definitely all white ! Peace
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David Cameron ridicules Labour's PMQs: What prime minister 1 day ago   02:46