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Jacqueline Pigdon
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Jacqueline Pigdon shares a tip on how to get positive tips into your head in one easy step!

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i read the book Vedantic Meditation into my tiny Olympia voice recorder. downloaded into PC, downloaded MP3 player.
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Positive Thinking Exercises - How To Dump Shortcut to outstanding positive thinking 5 months ago   05:07

Share Here I'd like to share some positive thinking exercises with you. This will help you dump the negative garbage that floods into your brain on a daily basis.

0:30. You ever feel like your negative thoughts are killing any chance you have at creating success in your life? Are your negative thoughts controlling your life? I too have struggled with this thinking pretty much up until about a few months ago.

0:59. I never truly understood that my negative thoughts were manifesting my experiences and results, both negative or lacking. Maybe you can relate to this as well. Do you continue to have bad experiences? Are you constantly not getting the results you are trying to achieve? Could it be it's the negative self talk that you have trained your subconscious to belief? Well, you CAN change that, and it all starts with your thinking patterns.

1:30. Here's the good news! Just as well as the negative thoughts will bring bad experiences and lack of results, the same goes for positive thoughts. Yesterday's thoughts are gone, so you can actually make changes to your thought process and see results as immediately. Now, they won't be drastic changes, but over time, you will begin to retrain your subconscious mind into believing that good things will come to you and create more positive results and experiences in your life.

2:20. Nobody ever lives life without struggle, without distress, or without downfalls. The difference is how you handle them and how we think about them. This is where you have total control. If all you're focusing on is how bad your experiences are, what do think you're going to get more of?

3:00. What you can do to remove these negative thoughts, this garbage from your mind, is instead of focusing on what has happened in the past, or what is happening (being bad experiences), focus your energy on what you want to have happen!
You see, nobody truly wants bad things to happen to them right. We don't wake up everyday exciting to lose money, to have our car break down, or to have an argument with someone we care about. But, if all you're thinking about is what you want to have happen, this will cause you to take action in a totally positive way, giving you better results in your life, and creating those more positive experiences. This positive thinking exercise is going to trigger your brain, allowing your subconscious to remove the garbage inside and replace it with good thoughts, good experiences, and incredible results. For you to create the things that you want in your life, this is very critical for you to understand.