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International Women’s Day (IWD) will be celebrated around the world on Friday 8 March, as people unite to champion the advancement of women’s rights and gender equality.

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NicePersonNamed Summer
Why are the men being edgey, this is the one day woman have. We didn’t have a lot of freedom back then so we’re celebrating our freedom in the one day we get.
NicePersonNamed Summer
Woman’s day is my favorite💞 it’s like a huge holiday for me
Simon Murray
I don't have a problem with women's day or even men's day.just think we should focus all our attention (all of us together)on the disgusting,dispacble abuse and child trafficking that is happening all around the world even in the UK.i am ashamed to b a man because I guess 99% of this is male dominated.i can never understand why anybody would want to hurt a child.please like my post.THIS HAS TO STOP.
Thank you
Mr Awesome
We have a national sausage day and a national pork pie day, I think it's great that we now have a national women's day, you go girl
Linda Rush
Thanks to women instead of getting exited about retiring after starting Work at 16 you stupid bitches want to be equal! I was looking forward to stop working at 60 but no! It not gonna happen I was looking all my working life to stopping at 60 but no at 56 I now have 11 years to Work instead of 4!
Francis U
Pity there isn't an internal men's day. But I guess it takes more than a day to celebrate all of men's accomplishments
Miki Dewberry
SJW agenda day
M Skallywagg
How can you have an international woman's days if gender is a "social construct" according to some?
Old Hickory
A bunch of privileged but ever-complaining ungrateful revolutonaries spending their leisure time hating invisible enemies. They mostly care about their dogs or instagram accounts while turning a blind eye to really marginalized people. These feminsts always demand other to do something that pops up in their worthless perverted heads but won't lift anything heavier than a wireless mouse or a starbucks cup.
Let's see how many women are there to protest for the rights of little girls being exposed to pornagraphic material on sites like Yt, Twitter, IG ect...I mean come on there is a law against it...
David Wilton
Come on it only means something to the self loathing neurotic defeminised angry type female that all men avoid like the plague.
Shove your me too up your sex starved twat.
Vogue Of Today
Nice moment
Caleb Pethtel
Are men allowed to have a day?
Thomas Chambers
Fuck that shit. It should be legal to beat your woman on Mondays if needed.
Cougars & Tigers
Bill Cosby will be the bartender there
Only Women Bleed
Hypocrite Sexists on parade!
End Abortion Worldwide
Kelly McShane
Men are women to.
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International Women's Day #IWasTold International Women's Day: When 1 day ago   01:48

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