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So far on this channel, we’ve only ever talked about current or past events.

Well not anymore, because this video is about the future. We’ll be covering the major events that will happen in Asia leading up to the year 2050. Of course, predicting such events is extremely difficult, but we can always give our best estimates based the information we currently have.

We will cover the following:
- Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 2018
- JAXA's Mercury mission
- Japanese Emperor Akihito's abdication
- Saudi Arabia's Jeddah Tower (tallest building in the world)
- Transcontinental bridge from Middle East to Africa (Yemen to Djibouti / Saudi Arabia to Egypt) - the Bridge of Horns
- Holographic TVs
- Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020
- UAE's Hope Probe to Mars + First city on Mars
- Beijing Winter Olympics 2022
- Rising sea levels affect Maldives (global warming)
- China's large particle accelerator (twice the circumference of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN)
- Southeast Asia unified by transport links (Sunda Strait Bridge & Malacca Strait Bridge)
- Bangkok, Thailand is sinking
- Borneo's rainforests will be wiped out at current rate of deforestation
- Russia will become a global food superpower (melting permafrost and retreating ice caps opening up North Asia & Siberia for arable land (farming & crop production)
- Japan connected to the mainland & Russia with Sakhalin-Hokkaido Tunnel
- China's first astronauts on the moon
- India's economic rise
- Japan connected to mainland & South Korea with Japan-Korea Tunnel
- Major volcanic eruption of Sakurajima
- Decline in homosexual discrimination particularly Middle East
- 100th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima & Nagasaki
- Japan's population drops below 100 million due to low birth rate
- Pakistan and India celebrate 100th anniversary of independence
- One Country Two Systems agreement for Hong Kong & Macau expires
- North Korea celebrates 100th anniversary of founding
- Dead Sea drying up
- Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster will be successfully decommissioned
- Biggest refugee crisis in history in Southeast Asia
- Robots will be commonplace
- Asia connected to the world via Bering Strait Bridge & Transglobal Highway

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Kento Bento
Second Thought's Video:
What are your thoughts on the future of Asia?

Next video will be Asian Borders part 3.

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spark hosoo
why no one is talking about mongolia?
man, this is scary.
Illyasviel Emiya
I will bet after Emperor Naruhito, A new Emperor called Boruhito will replace him.
This video is valid if the current trend continues( historical data).. however, the way world changes every 20 yrs if beyond our imagination.. hence this video will turn out to be trash
Onur xiz10t
Turkish United States. T.U.S over 250Million from different region and continents but all with turkic ethnic.
Dillan Garcia
you seem like the type of person to know things about asia, dont know why...
Honourable Sir ,
Holy shit .......noooo.....India can't take more refugees already it will be suffering from burder of 1.5B by 2050
pro dragon
Don say Malay and other ASEAN collapse 😱😱😱😱😱😱
Hong Shi
4:27 Don’t think it’s true, China will not have tallest building. Chinese government banned it and ask all states to not to allow such building. At least, current Chairman Xi Jing Ping did.
Pakhalo Peri
By 2050, all the fuel will be depleted, no clean air and water, and earth's temperature will double and finally humans will extinct by 2100.
Arth. A.
Some one plzz invent anti ageing pills also ...i dont wanna get old..I wanna go on a road trip from India to California :)
xDanger JTx
To bad ,im moving to mars
Darth Vader
Congrats to all of these countries from Canada
I ll be 48 years old in 2050 😭😭😭😢😢
Low Yeeliang
southeast asia unified? No way man
Nate White
2019: T-Series will have more subs than Pewdiepie. The madness needs to stop.
gat namwaran
You forgot what will happen to the Philippines. Let me give you some glimpse. By 2022 New Clark City will be the new administrative capital of the Philippines. By that time Philippines up to the next president, will now have 7-8 electric trains, one in Cebu and one in  Mindanao that greatly improved infrastructure. Around 5-6 new airport will be in operation by 2023. Its call center industry will now doubles in size with revenue greatly surpassed India  three times or more. With improve economy there will be an increase in purchasing power as Overseas Filipino Workers will double its population. SM Corp. will probably built the largest mall in the world near Clark city. With Boracay as a model of sustainable tourism it will be replicated all over the country. There will be 10 Boracay-like eco tourism spot in the country due to improved infrastructure. With improved economy and being near to equator by 2035 Philippines will have its own space agency. By that time also new oil mineral reserves will be discovered all through out the country and the Philippines will rise up as the next Brunei with the help of China, making it one of the richest country in the world. It will improve its military presence and will have its first naval carrier and submarine. By 2040 it will host its first olympics and by 2050 it will have its first mission to moon. Jollibee by this time already have thousands of branches around the world. Iglesia Ni Cristo, the second largest religion in the Philippines will have locales in every country in the world  in thousands from its current number in hundreds. Education will greatly improved and the country will produced its first novel prize winner. By 2030 Miss Universe enterprise is already own by a rich Filipino. Indonesia and Philippines will become great economies similar to Singapore. One is the only Christian country in Asia, the other is  a muslim country in like its neighbor Malaysia but the largest in the world. Some Filipino and muslim extremists will now become territorial claiming islands in south China Sea and even Borneo. This will start a religious war between muslim and Christian escalated by interference of China. If one-currency, one block ASEAN does its role, it will prevent third world war. All fo these things will happen even corruption  and overpopulation remains or dwindle. Many things can be said to the Philippines, but why kento bento that you seems totally ignore the Philippines which definitely have a significant role in the region? I hope your not biased to any country and to the Philippines in particular. In the last days, the most insignificant today will become significant. Remember that. I understand that predicting the future is a tricky business but if you do your research good enough there are things that are obvious that you will never be able to ignore it. But I could be bias  because I am a Filipino but to think that the Philippines have no significant role in the world stage of tomorrow is blatant ignorance of the present state of the  Philippines.
Ed Parachini
These guesses were all fantasy as A china will be bankrupt in 30 years. B climate change is a fantasy. Its been said Key West would be under water in ten years every decade since the 1960's yet it's still a foot above sea level. Next time use facts not fantasy's based on a few con men trying to make easy money off the stupid.
Kevin Fu
Where's Taiwan then?
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The Events In North America Before 2050 – Second Thought

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