SEX AND OTHER MATTERS OF LIFE AND DEATH Cowboys & Aliens Trailer 4 months ago   01:53

A feature-length documentary about a unique theater company which uses drama to help teens avoid pregnancy and AIDS.

A diverse group of talented teenage actors in New York use theater to tell their fellow teens what their parents don't about sex, love and latex. The real drama comes to life as the moving film reveals that the performers are dramatizing scenes on stage that are based on their own struggles growing up in the age of AIDS. The New York Times said "the remarkable film's power emerges from the interaction between the young actors and their audiences." The Philadelphia Inquirer called the film an "emotionally involving, clear-headed chronicle of STAR Theater."

CINE Golden Eagle Award

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Cowboys & Aliens Trailer SEX AND OTHER MATTERS OF LIFE AND DEATH 4 months ago   02:31

The classic Western movie gets mashed with the alien invasion flick to create Cowboys & Aliens -- a new twist on two popular movie genres.

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