The Dyno FINALLY Has a NEW HOME! Extreme Horsepower DYNO Compilation 2 weeks ago   18:39

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Comments 942 Comments

GreenTools NYC
Stick to the cars man u gonna hurt urself 😄😄😄
Gerardo Espinoza
Does anyone have a hondata s300 file with a basemap h22 tune? Emergency tune needed!!
Big Worm
whats goin on guys im a fuckin child with braces but look i have a whole shop with a dyno because my familys so rich
Fuert Neigt
I only wore the rubber bands for braces when sleeping at night.
Onefast4door 2000
You should put in a water slide from upstairs into a pool! Lol
Juha-Pekka Reponen
Fire in the hole! Good going -> Finland watching ;P
Brandon Pastor
ask pedro how he knows all this stuff and what he used to do # handyman
Michael Gedies
Dude...Brent is such a fucking badass.
edgar munoz
Let them work asshole😂
Wow, easy to underestimate the size of that hole. A person standing in it really puts it into perspective.
Put the hot water Heater in the attic ,and the problem would be solved
Relentless rage
I remember subbing when you guys had 8k. Cant believe how far you guys have come
Can you put a load on that Dyno?
Incognito Bandito
lol at the Brent answer to foot being mangled if dyno fell on it XD 'dat positive attitude'
Brent iz on cloud 9 baby ..nice pfi boiz...;)
Put a 100mph rc car on the dino and see the hp
Uncle Pedro seems like good people👍🏼
Cody Francisco
Is Brent wearing a haggard garage hat?
Tyler John
Put fire board
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Extreme Horsepower DYNO Compilation The Dyno FINALLY Has a NEW HOME! 2 weeks ago   08:14

High revving engines making huge horsepower. Flames shooting from super hot exhaust. Very high powered massive turbo cars making big power on the dyno. World record dyno video! Cars spitting fire with their engines screaming. Best dyno compilation. The most powerful cars in the world on the dyno! 1000+ HP. Ultimate dyno compilation. Full Boost!

Part 1, 3, 4 and 5 here:

Extreme Horsepower DYNO Compilation 1

SAVAGE DYNO Compilation - Extreme Horsepower 3 [TURBO and SUPERCHARGER]

Extreme Horsepower DYNO Compilation 4

Ultimate DYNO Compilation - Top 50 Dyno Pulls