Shark Attack in Maldives Vacation! ROMAGNA: Avvistato uno squalo bianco, 4 months ago   01:50

christian cenabre
One of the best house reef in maldives - Vilamendhoo Resort!

If you wish to book at this resort and swim with sharks, please visit:

Shark attack! Very safe to swim and snorkel here. These sharks are totally harmless. My video snorkeling with sharks here:

If ever you wish to book, please visit my link above. Select the desired date you want to go and then choose "VILAMENDHOO" resort. Make sure you book ALL INCLUSIVE so its EAT + DRINK all you can!! SUPER WORTH IT!! BEST VACATION EVER!!! :)

We stayed 1 week at Vilamendhoo resort on the first week of May 2017. All inclusive package. Eat and drink all you can! Very budget friendly and its good resort if you will be visiting maldives for the first time.

When snorkeling, you will be seeing a lot of blacktip sharks, rays, lobsters and eels. Its very safe to snorkel and the house reef is truly majestic. You can also snorkel with manta rays, whale shark and do a sunset cruise with dolphins!

Recorded by Samsung S7 Mobile Phone

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Amit mahto
I thought it was a clickbait.
Jenny Rose Diaz
Beautiful like Boracay Island in the Philippines but with this sharks na-uh!
Jessie Wang
I see black tip reef sharks. What are the black fish? I do not think the bird is doing this for fun, he is trying to get a baby shark out of water so he can eat it
Bakhteyar Ali
amazingggg view......
vivek hans
That 🐦 is on suicidal mission....
stanley chukwu
Dude! Don't feed sharks
Мария Яковишина
Кто кого атакует в итоге?!😂
Loyloypro 12
look wher same profile lol😅😅😅😅
Loyloypro 12
wow so many
pikaa chuu
ASMR Hyeon
super like video 😎👏😃
ßai Prem
Where the hell is SHARK
Nina Bb
Baby sharks???!
Nirag Goswami
wow Nice
Arthur Contreras
Where's the attack
Bi Cơm
I mean like thí video not shark🙃
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All those who thought that the shark will attack the bird....Hit LIKE :)
Ftin Ftin
You cant swim in there?? Oh no !
Deep Gurung
Are there sharks in indian ocean in maldives?
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ROMAGNA: Avvistato uno squalo bianco, Shark Attack in Maldives Vacation! 4 months ago   01:37

La Guardia Costiera ha richiesto la massima attenzione a causa della presenza in Adriatico, nella zona di mare compresa tra Rimini e Fano, di uno squalo bianco. Il grosso e pericoloso esemplare, lungo circa sette metri, è stato avvistato nei giorni scorsi (come vediamo in queste immagini) a largo della costa romagnola da alcuni diportisti intenti in una battuta di pesca. In una nota, la Capitaneria ha sconsigliato la balneazione nonché la pratica di qualsiasi tipo di sport marino. La sua presenza in Adriatico è rara ma non così inusuale, generalmente esemplari di questo tipo sono soliti "abitare" mari più a sud. L'ultimo avvistamento di uno squalo bianco risale al 2002.