Watch Theresa May face Jeremy How Theresa May ended up in this mess 5 days ago   1:54:23

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Crazy Is The Norm
What a joke of a government...lmao.. so much time in intent of this process comes to the end result of BULLSHIT.
It is who has the resources who controls the future of those resources... get to it.. stop at the diversion from it..cowards..
Norse John
Stupid woman.
Stephen Roche
Please please pretty please fuck off may please.
Take 8
whilst they play pantomime the people they are meant to serve will be worst off. complete shambles
Tom Lewis
Correct me if I'm wrong but did a Conservative MP compare Labour giving workers a share of the company they work for, to Apartheid in South Africa?
Jeremy Corbyn is no better than this twit, we voted to leave the EU to have a clean break but he is refusing by criticising what we voted for - a clean (no deal Brexit)
She loves immigration doesn't she despite her lies to the contrary!
She's so sexy
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How Theresa May ended up in this mess Watch Theresa May face Jeremy 5 days ago   06:51

Since the moment the UK voted to pullout of the EU, Theresa May has been wrestling with exactly how to deliver the result.

Sky's Adam Parsons has been looking back at how we got to this point.

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