Fans Buy ANYTHING THEY WANT Stunt Jumps Through Crazy 2 days ago   24:00

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Today's video is all about our fans! That's right, it's ALL about YOU GUYS! We posted a poll on our Instagram story which allowed you guys to enter a contest and submit any product you wanted us to buy and...oh boy, there were some cringy products, lol. Today's video is also very special for it was David's wish to come meet the Hi5 family and unbox some products with us! Thank you to the Make a Wish Foundation for allowing us to make his wish come true. Let us know in the comments down below what product was your favorite and if you have any products that you'd like us to unbox, send them to us via Instagram/Twitter (links below). Let the shenanigans begin!!


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lindsey paputa
Yoooo I have that exact same gum
With a matching wallet 🤐
One Strong girl!
Love ur vids ur literally the only channel that makes me laugh
Yea do more storage vids
Loved seeing those two boys. They looked like they had a great time!
Joseph Sleme
Gimme dat burga backpack bruh!
Diego s
15:08 umm...
Veria Dalasic
Can I have one of those vans shoes
Nick Talamantes
@13:35 curse word
Lanced Tea
I-I love this video more than anything. They are so amazing with their chemistry with people
Violet Bios
i gust relized thay all have beards
islippry Ninja265
Lv1 Wal-Mart, lv50 target, lv100 toys r us in 2019 that's how mafia works
Coo Lies
Hey boys
Emily Fight
i had to stop the video because may was holding the bow by the strings and i got so mad
Tanner: I don't drink so..'

weird flex but ok
I want them!!!!
Eleazar Garcia
He sped
I liked the Suture Training KIt. Would buy it myself, if it wasn't fore that price haha
Hunter Hendrickson
I actually skate so I need the Van's plus my sis broke mine
Nicole Hibsch
it was so hard to stitch because you didn’t have the right needle
Joseph Przybilla
I think your kid have special needs
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Stunt Jumps Through Crazy Fans Buy ANYTHING THEY WANT 2 days ago   10:44

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