How Long Does A Severed Head Phantom Limbs: When You Feel 2 days ago   07:57

Joe Scott
This video is not for the squeamish.

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The guillotine became the preferred method of execution during the French Revolution as it was believed at the time to actually be the most humane method of capital punishment because it was fast and over quick.

But as time went on, more evidence accumulated that the death was not as quick as previously thought.

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Can you be vsauce 4
Dean Buss
I didn't. Want to " sleep" tonight anyway 😵
Giovanni H
I want to try this
This fact is pretty disturbing. It made me wonder how many peoples last moments were filled with cheering crowds on a square in France while the executioner held up their head.
Harris Awan
Blazkowitch survived
Lee Taylor LFC
Dude you gave me a panic attack 😂😂 you got right into my soul with that description.
samantha justus
Alana Dunn belladonna1771
The 'just make it stop moving' part cracked me up
Who else was watching this with their head tucked in their shirt?
Joanne Bartolo
*No one or nothing was hurt after this experiment*
"Usually talk about less grizzly things"
Then I get suggested "All mass shootings have one thing in common"
Moon Watch
Please stop thinking of these types of What If's and I Wonders
A good torture method back then could’ve been to use a dull guillotine during someone’s execution so they’ll have to do it over and over until it finally cuts.
Charlie Cross
maybe we could try one out on some billionaires
What happen when your head got cut of by kitchen knife and they use it like a saw? Watching those news about the 2 Scandinavian girl and stumble this! I'm frighten and curious at the same time!
Emppu T.
Those terrorists could do some research while they cut the heads of tourists, those knifes are a bit crude.
the head weighs 11 POUNDS -- not 8 - dummy

disclaimer hes not a dummy dont hate me
A Odwan
You didn't name a single unit right. 9.8 m/s^2 ( acceleration ) also you said force of 21.34 Joul while Joul is for energy or work and newton for force.
Amber Russo
This video was very disturbing for me. I absolutely hate the thought of any vital part of the body completely sliced off and separated from the rest of the body to the point of impending fatality. And the thought of still being conscious when it happens...Fuck that, I feel nauseous and depressed now.
Well then.
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Phantom Limbs: When You Feel How Long Does A Severed Head 2 days ago   08:30

Some studies have shown that up to 80% of amputees experience some kind of phantom limb pain - the feeling that the missing limb still exists. But is this all in their head?

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