How Long Does A Severed Head Phantom Limbs: When You Feel 2 months ago   07:57

Joe Scott
This video is not for the squeamish.

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The guillotine became the preferred method of execution during the French Revolution as it was believed at the time to actually be the most humane method of capital punishment because it was fast and over quick.

But as time went on, more evidence accumulated that the death was not as quick as previously thought.

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Lori B
I am so glad I did not watch this before bed.
Anneewakee Champions
*How Long Does A Severed Head Remain Conscious?* Who the *** is alive to tell. I say instant unconsciousness.
mad lad
At 0:27 after the long pause, the Vsauce theme started playing in my head.
Jaime Rios
well I was eating
sirlorrie g
8 minute video and theres still no answer on the question. Disliked.
So we can safely conclude that the "self" is somewhere inside the brain. Right?!
J& K
You'll be flooded with DMT...
W Little
The part that freaked me out was when he called out his name and the eyes opened and fixed on the other man's eyes.That would just ruin my day.
Curt Heisler
Never avoid the morbid, please.
Faustin Gashakamba
Poor Antoinette, am sorry for her!
Martini Manz
Interesting video, could you imagine comparing it to a cockroach? Headless bodies roaming around for a week... Maybe trying to barter for a new dome piece. Awkward
David Beaulieu
We're about to find out when we decapitate Trump and end this nightmare
Darren Krivit
Hey guy, could you keep blinking after we cut your head off, but not in that chopped off head kinda way. Thanks
'a dull blade or a bad swing could quickly lead to a game of JUST MAKE IT STOP MOVING'

hahahahahhahahaha im dying
Lauren Anon
Lyin' eyes! Stop looking at me! Ah!
Bob S
Seems way more humane than electrocution.
you can choke a guy out in about 3 seconds, by stopping the blood flow. I'd imagine the same would happen here
Dadson worldwide
Only the wealthy or elite had there heads cut off it was seen as the more human but the average person was hung drowned stabbed or whatever cheap accessible way. To adopt the gauteen was actually seen as even treatment and was cheered as a victory to libaterians .lol
Sheik Yirbuti
Why did this show up in my recommended feed? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
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Phantom Limbs: When You Feel How Long Does A Severed Head 2 months ago   08:30

Some studies have shown that up to 80% of amputees experience some kind of phantom limb pain - the feeling that the missing limb still exists. But is this all in their head?

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