Theresa May makes statement to House What is the House of Commons? 3 months ago   26:15

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christopher briscoe
This all looks very dodgy. If those two men are from GRU, then why were they so unprofessional? Also, why does Theresa May say that these two individuals have been charged, and next she says that they are GUILTY?
Prof. Yosef Cohen
If you want 'to engage Russia on peace and international security', as you state Ms May, I suggest you stop illegal and unlawful bombing of Syria with immediate effect. Otherwise, your speech is nothing but lies, lies, lies.
Veronica Lawrence
You don't know their real names then how do you know they are from the Russian secret service GRU...
Carolyn Jones
To the people with the negative comments. FUCK OFF AND LIVE IN RUSSIA
athena icaria
Is this a St. Petersburg site? Russians dare not be critical of their mafia bosses, right?
I Still Believe It Was Sanctioned By A Certain Group Of People 👁To Discredit Mr Putin.🕊
Audrey Gabihan
bad old lady as bad as she danced!shameless
robert monkhouse
Why is it that I find it really difficult to believe a single word that comes out of this woman's mouth..
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What is the House of Commons? Theresa May makes statement to House 3 months ago   03:33

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