My Friends Airfreighted their Koenigsegg Insane Koenigsegg Agera RS Breaks 2 weeks ago   11:07

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From sweden från Sverige
Brendan O'Connor
The suite looked like room in doctor strange and also in infinity war
Sushi Ninja
Is it just me or did anyone see the konegseggs spoiler go down
Sushi Ninja
Mo vlogs was at the burj al Arab
Brayan Contreras
There are alot of youtubers there
And this is why I follow this channel
Stradman actually does cool shit
He isn't just in some garage with a redneck truck
I got bored of Streetspeed for that reason
He doesn't travel at all
Erwin Vivar
Hi dady
Richard Stuckey
What a blog!!! Wow
Justin Tran
I don’t get it, how can there be a 7 star hotel is it 5/5 stars??? 5/5 stars is 100% percent already, how can you have more than 100 perfect?? Maybe 7/10 stars 😂😂
Finn Chaney
sponge bob really
Nate Vlogs
There’s s 7 star hotel in Scotland...
Roma Faisal
This car was also introduced in mo vlogs
Mamon McBean
Stradman is like WHOA...... Something shiny...... WHOA....... Something shiny......... WHOA...... Something shiny.... Gotta love him.
If the wealth goes up...the style goes down. That is one ugly hotel room.
Sharif Hossain
Bitch go checkout mo vlogs i see this places every f. Ing day bloody childish stradman
No hate but mo vlogs has been there
Purrple aka Taylanator1210
I watched this in the biggest hotel room I’ve ever been in it’s tiny compared to this
Bl4ck L1ghtn1ng
8:57 did the spoiler moves?
Junaid Alam
Now hide and seek in there Luke be amazing
Elwin Pigares
Stradman = Goals🔥
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Insane Koenigsegg Agera RS Breaks My Friends Airfreighted their Koenigsegg 2 weeks ago   10:03

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