My Friends Airfreighted their Koenigsegg Insane Koenigsegg Agera RS Breaks 2 months ago   11:07

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Bigdaggerdick The1
If i would see this real life meme nigga on a street with that car i would punch the shit out of him and would steel his Koenigsegg
Trip Drip_roblox
I hope he realizes that anyone with the right software can get there address with that license plate he showed a million times
Kareem2o Plays
Jeez if u can afford a stay a the burj al Arab how rich are you!!!
Luke Kilroy
Geez this man never shuts up
clone 34
what did he say 5:58
lilpumpjetski 123
Dubai + Koenigsegg + SpongeBob T shirt = pure happiness
Frostie B
I was here just for the car.
Hamzah Khan
Movlogs has been in this room
iPsiiKo Olivier
they got the Same elevator litteraly in Footlocker Rotterdam xD Just not in gold haha
CoolbonnieXD 123
Edit: I got it right
Blaze Fikaris
how do get aceses to all these cars
Jena Enzo
40 thousand USD a night?
Roblox Tutorials
Wow that rooms nicer than my house
Dendy Putra
haha i have 2 mansion, 1 heli, 3 lambo 2 ferrari 1mclaren and nice gf

in game 😒
marwan sakr
the hotel isnt good
Albin Östman
I have been at that hotel many times
Noah Binette
Funny how they say they don’t belong there when the only difference is the price of everything. A bed is a bed, a seat is a seat, and anyone can use it if they pay. Even though in this case it’s a tour I don’t see how people see themselves as less worthy than others.
Vitale Tufuga
He's living like Larry
Damn, it hurts when you realize you'll never get to experience this
Devanshu Kotak
Even if I'm a Billionaire I would still stay in normal Suite because after work we just come to sleep to hotels!
Just stupid to spend these much money!
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Insane Koenigsegg Agera RS Breaks My Friends Airfreighted their Koenigsegg 2 months ago   10:03

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