Introducing Unicorn V3, The TWIN TURBO Supercars Leaving Cars & Coffee 1 day ago   09:27

Alex Choi
5 months in the making, Unicorn V3 is finally here, and will probably go down in history of being the most controversial Huracan in America.
A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into this project, so I hope you guys enjoy :)

Instagram: @alex.choi
Snapchat: alexchoi777

Check out my M2 drift build!

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A film by Marc Liscio

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Gary Johnson
EXOSKELETON!! Genius, and beautiful!! (Exo-Lambo.....?)
Ferd Janklow
It looks like a hatrack fucking a Christmas tree. Congratulations, you have built a Lamborgoofy.
Afnan Studio
name it RICED CAR
I understand the headache, money invested and uniqueness of the car but to be honest it's not my cup of tea... Not hating, just giving my honest opinion with all due respect....
Gary Harnden
I came so fucking hard in my shorts :-)
mocha haze
5%er right here, can't wait to see the build videos
Niko Boy 69
Exso wrap
Tank Weng
Damn dog hella nice car congrats keep up the good work in going different routes but still getting there with your own ideas and thinking out side and being different and again great job.👍👍👍👍😁😁😁😎
Elias Ortreez
This guy is fucking crazy, I like it.
L Schwanz
Rip aerodynamics
Joshua Thomas
I absolutely love this video!!! Iv got a new respect for this car! Good on you Alex, ALWAYS DDE!!!
Manuel Gongorarojas
I want to get your car
PASBalls 06
Fast nd furius 6
Fucking love this thing dude
This society, where people rather be a knock off than original, just to be accepted.
shane bunce
Sick car dude
Adam got that a sricker shoutout
Garrett Posey
call it pepto bismal mobile
......the fuck
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Supercars Leaving Cars & Coffee Introducing Unicorn V3, The TWIN TURBO 1 day ago   17:31

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