Will Slab City Remain ABANDONED city in America with 2 days ago   06:09

Slab City is like the Wild West. It’s remote - in the brutal Imperial Valley desert. There’s no mayor, no city council, no stoplights. People have lived there for decades. They are squatters on state-owned land. They call it the last free place in America. KPBS reporter Angela Carone says Slab City’s free spirit is being challenged, and it may change the place forever. KPBS video journalist Katie Schoolov was also in Slab City to produce this story.

Read more: http://www.kpbs.org/news/2015/apr/14/will-slab-city-remain-last-free-place-america/

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eddie haskell
Wasko Maleducado
this makes me sad and depressed.
Jeff Nielsen
Sounds like Crow Town, per McMurtry.
A. Citizen
"Who want to hire an ugly old man?" At his age, they don't even hire handsome old men with technical skills and advanced degrees!
Butt Cheese
1:37 lol could sell that split window vw and buy a house
Undead Queen Dany Targaryen
2019 they're still out there so I guess they won
John Campbell
Well done Angela Carone ...
l lree
Bunch of methheads
If you ever need a place to go, you are always welcome in Slab City!
Linda Bass
Right, let's go out in the dry and blazing hot desert and buy some land that is a toxic land fill covered with 50 to 60 years of human waste and filth.....no matter there is no water available...and once we own the land, we have to pay to have it brought up to code and cleaned up (a high price due to it being so toxic), then everything built has to be permitted and to code and insured and then there are taxes......right, bunch of delusional people.
chester rockwell
"preserve it from outside development" 😄😅😆😐😄😅😆😄😅😆😄😅😆😐😑😕😄😅😆😄😅😆😄😅😆
I broke my G string
peter mautner
Slab City reality of societies failings by design . Burning Man people paying big bucks to look out there .
Keith Hunt
They preach about saving the environment and still dump ton of junk out there + Going by some other documentaries they pay no taxes and still are the biggest drain on the local emergency services that the working locals have to cover the cost.
Earls Pearl
Slab City is a kinda signature of the old simple western U.S. and their sometimes should be places like this where a person can hit that rock bottom and be left to themselves . then they will have the option of making a comeback or dropping all the way out . I was never stressed as far as these individuals , but I have been through some dark days , I found mental shelter . that doesn't mean we all can . whats good for the goose may very well strangle the very life out of the gander . everyone is fighting their own battles , not a battle that you find easy gaming ! if you can become a brain surgeon doesn't mean I can . each has their own fight game that they are master of and thus we do better in life if we look for a team that has need of our skill set . tis the way of life , liberty , and the pursuit of happiness . at our first understanding of a need to excel above and beyond we should begin to develop strategies to succeed in life . to prevail will help us shield ourselves from the bitter winds of failure . may we all be great people and not skilled conquerers !
Jack Blade
Lot of tweakers and criminals out there.
Not sure how a trash-ridden shanty town is the epitome of "freedom"...
Look at all the white privilege democrats cry about. Boot their butts out and give it to the illegal immigrant
Kent Nauman
Why would anyone in their right mind go near that shit hole
Carl Larsen
The state of California does not own Slab City, a teachers union does.
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