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Slab City is like the Wild West. It’s remote - in the brutal Imperial Valley desert. There’s no mayor, no city council, no stoplights. People have lived there for decades. They are squatters on state-owned land. They call it the last free place in America. KPBS reporter Angela Carone says Slab City’s free spirit is being challenged, and it may change the place forever. KPBS video journalist Katie Schoolov was also in Slab City to produce this story.

Read more: http://www.kpbs.org/news/2015/apr/14/will-slab-city-remain-last-free-place-america/

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Not sure how a trash-ridden shanty town is the epitome of "freedom"...
Look at all the white privilege democrats cry about. Boot their butts out and give it to the illegal immigrant
Kent Nauman
Why would anyone in their right mind go near that shit hole
Carl Larsen
The state of California does not own Slab City, a teachers union does.
Toni Kemppainen
Laws need be Slab Citied.
Lynnette mendoza/hutchison
God bless them all
Jeff Savage
Holmeles buying property. Homeless bring in any thing they can haul in SHOW THE TRASH PILES
Jeff Thompson
skid row,slab city.
ok folks i stopped at 2:56..without watching any further..if you buy it..you have to pay taxes on it..what then..i sold my 170,000 house and went full time in a 36 ft class A rv..because i wasn't going to be a cash cow for a city that gave everything to these immigrants..free health care,free,housing,free food..my forefathers received nothing but hardship when they arrived here(German) when you work all your life to pay off what you think is your home..you have the deed in your hand..with your name on it..declaring to the whole world you are the out right plain as day owner no if ands or buts of that property..go ahead and don't pay your taxes..watch and see what happens..the REAL owner will show up and kick you out for not paying the government its unlawful share..fuck counties..fuck states and the scumbag politicians that run them..i say bring back tar and feathers..AMERICA HOME OF THE SHEEP..HOME OF THE ENSLAVED
Stroker Ace
Nancy Pelosi cares
at 0:49 worth the price of admission...
God Bless Them and may the state leave them be.
John Stewart
I would like to help in a clean-up, but that would attract regulation, sanitation, Safe Drinking Water, police and fire service...taxes. Once you come under the wing of the bureaucracy, you are gone. If you hear the words, “ highest and best use,” you have identified the enemy....run!
John Kennedy
I lived here from Sept. 2018 to Nov 2018 in front of Spiders place at Bonanza. Good folks that are just trying to live.
J. Glynn
Oh my goodness did you see the hairy armpits on the girl dancing? She was hot hot hot!!
Looking for Wyatte Earp
I bet rhat plaxe just srinks to high hell. No water for showers or clean up. Bet it smells like a combination of garbage, human sweat, B.O, and human shit.
Looking for Wyatte Earp
No Way in hell those losers and lowlifes would have enough money to buy the land. They are all broke as fuxk and dont want to work. Drug addicts and felens are living there too.
Joseph Jankovics
What a god-damned DUMP!!! The very least...keep it clean!!! You don't see anyone naked!!
Bibin Thampy
Still fighting for freedom..
zita willingham
It's 2019 I bet it ain't free no more
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SLAB CITY WE WEREN'T READY Will Slab City Remain 1 day ago   05:50


UPDATE* I'm aware of my pronunciations, thanks 😃

For those who felt this was in bad taste check out our visit at East Jesus https://ai-tube.com/videoai/oxot7c9znwf

Exploring Slab City was very high on the bucket list. One of my biggest goals after setting off to Full Time Travel was to Experience the Slabs, and document life there for a week.

I failed. Horridly. My softer side came out and began to see first hand what you can't capture with a camera or see in the footage you find of the slabs on YouTube. Humanity.

Here is our take and what we did grab on our way there, and our way out. This is one of the least edited videos I've uploaded. It's my honest take on our experience there.

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