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Look up Asian jake Paul distract
Possibly Andrew
Go support Jesus!!!
BeaTTer LC
უფალო შეგვიწყალე THX pewds for georgian clothes but how u got that?
Iori Kira
Gloria Borger is best burger
Crazied Artist
Gloria Borger: Woman are not real.
"*Girls don't exist*"
Then what am I?
Shiny Zoroark
He protec
He attac
But most importantly.....

That's a fact
Harsh Vardhan Singh
very nice 720p video quality.....
at 10 fps
Nazik Adam
90 mill.
Wisdom Tree
At this point for me i cant tell if the Jesus guy is joking. People keep saying its not a joke but it always just seems far fetched.
marty ._. maga
10:20 and that’s a fact
bug chunkes allstar
anime is gay
Anamarias Gochi
“უფალო შეგვიწყალენ” 😂 that jacket is in my language ur welcome Felix ❤️ it means may god protect me lol
Aj the zebra
If Nintendo counts (mario cart and stuff) then I'm a gamer girl!
gipiani geimeri
There is written jesus bless us on you're shirt on you're neck do you know that? it is written with georgian lamguage (georgia is also a country)
come on pewdiepie how do you have the georgian clothes and georgian ქართველებს გაუმარჯოს!
Dylan Swartz
represent my boi H3H3
Hannah Smith
tHaTs JuSt My OpInIoN tHoUgH
Refan Airtas
dat quality cam thought
Tanessa Draws
I don’t exist. End of story.
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I'M CHEATING?! Jesus needs your HELP! 2 months ago   10:12

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