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A Tour Of My Plants | Wow! Miniature Nail Polish!!! - At Ai-Tube.com

A Tour Of My Plants WOW! Miniature Nail Polish!!! 2 days ago   28:50

Music is by the wonderfully talented Andrew Applepie https://open.spotify.com/artist/5BYcwjrQth7em7maAt0yKE

These are the fun and helpful youtube channels (among many) that I like to watch

Planterina - https://ai-tube.com/userchannel/HPHVqUQXDVl-ie-Q7Z6XhEHD

Kaylee Ellen - https://ai-tube.com/userchannel/HPJElv0YtDdNf7_Mm09IMN-D

Hilton Carter from Apartment Therapy - https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=hilton+carter

Betsy Begonia - https://ai-tube.com/userchannel/HPEwToJz25ZnHq3IYhWcCgLt

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I’m 33, should I stop watching 😢
straw berry
i can relate so much to this video! loved it! i'm also trying to be a good plant mom because i love plants, and I also have some problems, so it's nice to see that others struggle sometimes too. 😋🌱
I have four plants of my own! 3 really easy ones (English Ivy, Dracaena, and a Futura Snake Plant) and one diva baby whose name I don’t remember off hand. It’s had two more that died, a Pothos and a Golden Rubber Plant. They were both adopted from my local Lowe’s and I think the store and I both did them dirty.

What I want to ask is have you thought about what it would be like if you had started this hobby while you were living in the Boston, New England, upstate New York area? Because as you know, the weather here is cold and damp and kind of sad. A lot of the plants you have Would not be happy here. At the same time there are probably plants that would thrive here better than they do in California. What kind of plans do you think you would have if you still lived here?

Also I agree about the living in a jungle thing. Who doesn’t want to live in a jungle
Anna Hunt
the palm tree plant was screaming the name Fernando at me
I'm so into this, being an adult is weird..
Nhi Nguyen
i’ve never learned so much about plants in a video lolol
Holly Lanagan
Watch the Monsteras Jenna. If you cut one with scissors and then cut another plant, the sap harms the second plant if transferred.
Simone Brown
Marbles kissing Peach at 21:12 is the purest thing ever
Swan Lea Clues
Hey Jenna, I fell asleep binge watching your videos when I thought: imagine if she traded lives with her dogs for a day. Kermit editing, Peach running the ratched salon, Marble showing no emotion towards Julian's aries moments...all while Jenna cries Kermit style over the chaos that would ensue!...just a suggestion!
Maeve Kernstock
Stupid video idea I just had at 1:30am but Jenna is the only person that can pull this off. Voice to text different noises and see what text come out of it. That or Google translate things through different languages several times over to see what you get out of it
buy a hoya from mexico - name him oscar delahoya
Samantha Weakley
Jenna you should paint abstract paintings like this one. https://ai-tube.com/videoai/sukhy7Hj0vD
Zoë Miranda Steppe
Let me tell you Beach...my absolute favorite video EVER. I just went and bought 8 plants that I hope I don't kill because I am inspired by you. By the way, you are not a beginner Beach, you is advanced. Thank you for this, I will literally watch anything you create, Love you Jenna.
Mekaya Jordan
My boyfriend and I made this a drinking game. Drink everytime she said “plant(s)” guaranteed you’ll be drunk cause I am
Лиза Чиганова
Helloween кроне of Assassin's Creed Army rock you say журнал финансовый ой-ой-ой
Лиза Чиганова
Ты крутая
jade read
You and Julien should react to bounce that dick please also you are so fucking awsome and I love you and Kermit and peachy and Julien and marbles
Aria Holland
did you hear that vanillahamhan died
Kendra King
Sometimes I feel like people only want you to make certain videos so they can watch and then proceed to tell you everything your doing wrong and that you're a horrible human being, and they'll come for you and your family even one of those plants start to wilt 😂
Ava R
this was a very relaxing video :)
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WOW! Miniature Nail Polish!!! A Tour Of My Plants 2 days ago   10:57

Thanks for watching guys! love you muahhhh
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