Cramer: Trump doesn't want Here's where the US and China stand 2 days ago   07:59

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CNBC's Jim Cramer, Carl Quintanilla and David Faber discuss the volatility in the markets as investors react to the fast-paced developments of the China trade talks.

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JuggernautUSAdotcom Huron
Trump has to fix America after Democrats and Republicans sold us all out to China, Mexico & other third world nations.
Dondatta Ford
Too late the US needs China cheap labor and manufacturing
Jeff Ferguson
Most of the products that come out of China are garbage. Boycott Walmart. Would love to see China's economy collapse.
Ann Nil
these talking heads, incredibly ignorant, self deceiving, delusional. u know just by the way they look and talk. they're dragging American people into hell. good luck America.
Mario Mejia
so much for free trade
Hope4Today9 Now
If your making products in China for the Asia market that's fine, However if your making products to import back into the US ... okay However you going to be paying 100% or more in Tariffs.
It's always fun watching Kramer get triggered
Nun Ya
I will gladly pay higher prices to kill the Chinese economy and bring back "Made in America". I don't work in manufacturing, have no plans to do so, but I am not ok with the political establishment selling us out to stay in power. Fuck China.
Why focus on a Country? So what if China is doing badly? Focus on own Country instead. Why should China sell if tariff is affecting American Consumers. If they do, Consumers will blame China not Trump who imposed Tariff and American Consumers are the ones paying higher prices because of the Tariffs.
Bill Christian
Cramer makes a good case for more American companies to expand and relocate outside of the country. Trump can only forecast the companies moving away and the jobs moving to agriculture, since farmers can not leave and they are getting the bailout money.
China should dump the CUNT bond and stop selling rare earth to ameriCUNT
Stop the tourists and students to the CUNT
Stop buying from the farmers. Let them suffer.
If I am Xi, I will wait for schizoid American fake presidennt to leave the office cause China can afford to wait cause Xi is there for life and Trump is not gonna get re elected no matter how well the stock market does cause the art of negotiation is done irradically, violently, nazi like without any knowledge of international politics and diplomacy and he fires everyone but yes men who give clueless advices. Trump has chance to be great but decided to dig his own grave.
We need to go after corporations that made billions from cheap labor and keeping them overseas to avoid US tax while charging US consumers outrageous markups. Wake up America know who your real enemies are.
Dear President Trump. It's a little too late to try and not do business with China. That train left the station a few years ago. If the U.S. tries to back up a couple of decades, we'll just end up like Europe; backwards and broke. We need to think of China as an asset and not a rival. Go ahead and try to ignore Huawei. They are already 2 years ahead of us on 5G and with out a TVA type plan to funnel a ton of money into 5G were just not going to catch up. We should be encouraging Chinese students to stay here and engineer things here. They are really smart (personal experience) and every one that returns to China is competing with us. They have an unlimited number of people and a mountain of cash. We had better make friends with them.
Is it up to Trump to trade w China if China has not done anything to USA?Trump is playing w fire for America. By 'dismantling' Huawei, it is tantamount to war.America have to check/curb Trump otherwise the situation will get v ugly for US.
dem rat
CNBC is china propaganda tool
Rex II ForSure
With his many years experience Cramer has become a true Sage of business and economics
Moz Art!
Trump gives every weekend 1500 us dollars he makes all farmer's so lazy,who want's to work if the get free money
Trump must destroy China now, China has started the world war3 already by building fake islands in the open ocean. Finally one leader, Trump started to respond to Chinese for stealing technology from every company/country from the last 30 years.
I’m confused, do you all think the way China has been treating us is appropriate? Should Trump not be trying to fight for Americans? You all sound like the status quo should have stayed the same.
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Here's where the US and China stand Cramer: Trump doesn't want 2 days ago   07:51

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