Out of Control Fortnite Kid Goes To The Ranch Is Jeremy Kyle Our New Dr. Phil? | React 2 months ago   14:06

Today on React Couch Dr Phil sends Out of control fortnite kid to the RANCH! Media claims violent video games like fortnite cause kids to go to the ranch but Dr Phil says different!
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Mystic Corpse
Just change the WiFi password or smash his controllers lol
Anon aniMus
50 guns? Where u got all of them?
Isaac Tee
Goddamn it stop pausing the video
Nuke of the South
As a representative of the Xbox community we reject this kid as an Xbox gamer.
Just Another Aviator
I only own a tank, if I have kids they'll never get near it though.
Just Another Aviator
Idiot parents!
Curious_ Lobster
So what if he's 12, that's why we love Ellie from the last of us is because she's not I'm by what you should be at a certain age
Curious_ Lobster
Just because I lost at Mario double dash doesn't mean I want to go out and race a bunch of people to win, the shooting theory is so stupid
I-Rex Gaming
Wait I didn’t know you cooked sandwiches I thought they came from trees
Brianna Sargent
No that's just bad parenting.
I play so many shooter games and i have NEVER thought once "huh, I should shoot someone"
Bruh that doesn't happen.
one of the first games i ever played was mortal kombat, never once thought of ripping somebody spine out lol
I love how the mother talks as though she wasn't the one who bought him those games 😂
There is literally a game with tanks in it when he shows examples of older games.
Rule 1 if my kid makes a mess and don't clean it up the game console is taken.
a nice comment
Fuckmesidewayz You have aids
Dude I’ve been playing games like this since the womb and growing up with my parents they made it clear I can play the games I want but once I act up it’s the kid games and everyone knows you’d rather play halo or call of duty or gta on Xbox 360 then crash bandicoot
AsHLiegH-MaRie HoPe
I think he made the cooking sandwich joke to show how much of an idiot the mom is since he's JUST A KID lol
galaxy 311
It's crazy these parents are complaining about their OWN children...Do they not realize they are the parents and they have the responsibility to teach them?
Xavier Aiston
To the RANCH
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Is Jeremy Kyle Our New Dr. Phil? | React Out of Control Fortnite Kid Goes To The Ranch 2 months ago   10:05

You guys told us Jeremy Kyle is like a british Dr. Phil. So we're going to watch on React Couch and see if any of you have any idea what youre talking about.

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