Theresa May's Brexit deal Bercow gives MPs a Brexit b*ll*cking 2 days ago   00:41

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Theresa May's Brexit deal has again been defeated by MPs - by a margin of 149.

The prime minister failed to win enough backing from Conservative eurosceptics and her DUP allies.

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horrid henry
Spineless Britain this country has become a laughing stock just get on with it let the Netherlands keep their flowers let France keep their wine and cheese let Germany keep their cars but for fuck sake show some balls
Gary Shropshire
lets show the rest of the world that Britain has no balls and is in the back pocket of the eu along with the media and mps.
John Stewart
Brilliant get rid of PM ,and take BIRKo with her . ROLL ON 29 MARCH . NO DEAL , EXCELLENT RESULT. OH AND TAKE VINCE CABLE [LD Ms ] May then become a party to vote for.
T Dutch
Pushing Britain out of the EU with some help of English political henchmen, must be Vladimir Putin's second best investment ever
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Bercow gives MPs a Brexit b*ll*cking Theresa May's Brexit deal 2 days ago   04:25

The Speaker of the House - John Bercow, got very fired up during today’s #brexitdebate. Did the MPs deserve his wrath?

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