What if He Falls? The Terrifying Reality Chris Sharma climbing a bridge! 4 weeks ago   10:12

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In 2017, when Alex Honnold made his stunning free-solo ascent of Yosemite’s El Capitan, he was taking an unimaginable risk: nearly three thousand feet of climbing without any ropes or safety equipment. But was the climb made even riskier by the filmmakers who accompanied him?

In “What if He Falls?” filmmakers Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin take us inside the process of documenting Honnold’s quest for climbing glory — and the ethical calculus of filming a friend who could, with the slip of a finger, plummet to his death.

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Why is everyone obsessed with *huge* balls?
it is simple you hope he makes it, if not who cares
, everybody dies
Hey Alex, "What's Up!"
linn bujo
My hands are sweating so much just watching this
Words fail me
Blah Blah
how do he get down tho 👁👄👁
Matt Johnson
My palms are so sweaty oh yeah yeah
Cool doc but the womans voice is oddly irritating. Feels like she's reading a script
Jan Ryan
FAKE. They used a Color Rope they edited in post. lol fake dude
Estefano St.Croix
Death wish
Нурсултан Талгатулы
I mean , its inspiring ,amazing and legendary , but i still think it's stupid , however , they say you need to be crazy to be a legend
Leonardo Constantino
I climbed my house
Hate Monger
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The fact that you can do something vs. If you should...this guy will eventually fall. And before all the ..he died doing what he loves, i don't wish ill will towards the young man this is just how it's going down.
Yes Agreeable
Jimmy chin looks like markiplier
I get enjoying rock climbing... but why would you do it without ropes? You've still climbed it if you have safety ropes... He's not choosing btwn not climbing and climbing, all he's doing is choosing what happens in the scenario that he slips. He has two choices: death, or getting caught by a rope. It betrays all reason to choose the former.
Easily one of the greatest movies I've ever seen
Victoria Welch
This is just a means to an end.
Eventually he WILL slip and die. This is not a matter of "if"- it's WHEN.
Defund NASA
There is something wrong with this guy.
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Chris Sharma climbing a bridge! What if He Falls? The Terrifying Reality 4 weeks ago   05:45

Chris Sharma won the first edition of the Red Bull Creepers, a deep water soloing (aka psicobloc) competition held in Puente la Reina, Spain.


14 climbers participated:
Chris Sharma
Daniel Woods
Dave Graham
Iker Pou
Pablo Ochoa
Gelu Castro
Dani Fuertes
Nacho Sánchez
Emiliyan Kolevsi
Markel Mendieta
Ander Mendieta
Rustam Gelmanov
Carlos Ruano
Nalle Hukkataival

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