How to Upgrade Laptop RAM, Sony How to Fix An Overheating Laptop Repair – Sony 1 day ago   09:25

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Quick & affordable laptop upgrade. Installed 8GB DDR3L RAM + 4GB on-board memory = 12GB RAM total. Samsung 850 PRO SSD, RAPID Mode. Sony VAIO Fit 15, SVF15A16CG. Windows 10 Home.

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Jason in Missouri
Frank T
very Informative vlog. my Laptop is over 6yrs old... btw, Happy Lunar New Year, Brandon
T&A Travel Vlogs
Great video! I need to upgrade my laptop too. Not the RAM but my HDD because it shows 100% usage all the time and I don't trust it with my data anymore. Good thing you mentioned the ESD at the beginning I would not have thought of that.
Kriss Bartlett
very nice Brenton i know i did it to mine years ago and the ssd to works really good to !!!!
Wooh :D
Doyle in the Philippines
really love your tech vlogs!
thanks for that simple safety procedure to prevent frying anything in the motherboard. Ive learned the hardway that caused me, to buy new one
michael j
As always interesting and informative vlog
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How to Fix An Overheating Laptop Repair – Sony How to Upgrade Laptop RAM, Sony 1 day ago   08:02

How to Fix An Overheating Laptop Repair – Sony Vaio Disassembly Fan Cleaning New Thermal Paste

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