History of Philosophy RAP ~ Rucka Rucka I Can Do Whatever I'm White 2 ~ Rucka Rucka 5 months ago   06:40

School of Ruck Presents: History of Philosophy Rap (feat. Rucka Rucka Ali)

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Thumbnail by Olo Sabandija - https://twitter.com/olomerol

Special thanks: Philosophical history consultant Charles Tew - https://ai-tube.com/userchannel/HP8vBPTMw09eiPKuKrln4ixj

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Honkler TheClown
So rucka is Ayn Rand cuck? Unsubscribed.
Lord Pindar
You should do a red dead redemption 2 version explaining the campaign story
Lord Pindar
My 1 year old is bouncing and clapping to this lol. Best rucka song ever. Maybe more like this?
Jessica Foley-Sanchez
Λόλα Κατσαρού
Devil Slayer The Saint Of Killers !
History of the humanity and thinking in a nutshell.
Dante Caputo
Ruck- forgets to mention Plato’s theory of government.

Neo Platonists- ‘I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.’
David Victoria
Do more school of ruck!
This is lyrical genius. I can't stop myself from playing it on a loop.
This is the best thing i've learned for quiet a while.
Harshit Madan
Ayn Rand ❤
deadpool 177 awesome
Do another school of ruck song
Okay I think I'm going to kill myself after that
10k likes and ill ship rucka an ayn rand body pillow
Noxus Darius
Yasu RW Yoshii
SOmeone read Rand and nothing much contemporary else eh?
Free Fresh
where is Lenin u bitch?))))
Dude, this is a masterpiece!!! Thank you :)
Wasted Spam
Whenver I watch a Rucka Rucka Ali video the Recommended list rarely shows any of his songs.... (only after listening to 3 songs will it start showing up, even t hough I often listen to him)
MG_Kasbars meme book
Wow this is fucking good
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I Can Do Whatever I'm White 2 ~ Rucka Rucka History of Philosophy RAP ~ Rucka Rucka 5 months ago   05:27

The 10 year anniversary edition of the classic hit song by Rucka Rucka Ali

Parody of TI "Whatever You Like"

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Thumbnail by Olo Sabandeja

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