10 ways Android is just better Gordon Ramsay’s WORST Chicken 2 months ago   14:00

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Alvi Ahmed
5:43 what does he mean before the files app you couldn't download things from the internet ?
If you love iOS, too bad for you: you always need to spend big bucks when you buy a phone. With Android, when the bills are piling up you have a choice to buy cheaper phones.
TimmyNeutron 57
That intro tho.....
Nicky Arsnow
I do agree with a lot of things Linus my boy said, but some of his reasons involved hardware instead of just android in particular. And as you can see from my profile picture, I am biased, so please don’t egg my house and write harsh comments if your a diehard android fan. If so, I will find you and kick your butt.
Lord Slayer
Fml that intro ruled xD
12:03 Stop culturally appropriating us New Yorkers, ya blimey Canadian
On the iPhone you can swipe left or right rom the side of the screen ! I don't know why he's not mentioned it ⚠️
The Microsoft Launcher is amazing and basically perfect imo pls don't bully it
Anthony Silva
you have to put widgets in
Brett Smith
People actually hold their phones in their right hand! Why? When your left hand should be more than capable.
Adem Aljović
You legend, you set the aspect ratio to 21:9 or, you know, the aspect ratio of the full screen on, let's say the s9+
Brian Kang
Linus just nicely summed up what makes apple different from the rest of the competition and always has made them different since the beginning of their history. Technologies are popping up in every corner of the industry constantly, but to reach the average consumer you need to package it nicely into a simple and intuitive product that works well and reduces stress and complexity for the average consumer. People want to just buy a product that they can effortlessly learn to use, and make work with their other devices and seamlessly integrate into their lives without having to educate themselves on how it works. Android users love to claim superiority becuase of the customizability of the hardware and software, which makes tech geeks excited. But surprise surprise, 95% or more of people are not tech geeks, and they want to be able to use their tech as simply as a microwave or a toaster—as Steve Jobs put it, the product should feel like "an appliance". This is an incredibly complicated challenge that android manufacturers lack the sense or balls to do. Fandroids love calling apple users uneducated "sheeple" who don't understand technology, but who the fuck cares about how enlightened you think you tech geeks are? Without apple, tech would still be a niche plaything of the tech-educated but Steve Jobs made tech approachable for the average human, which is what has always and always will make Apple much better loved by the majority of people.
This would be great if rooting some of the latest android wasn't a b*tch
The headphone jack alone is more than enough to make me say F Apple.
So much bullshit in both videos
anonymous Omg
Send out your fortnote apk pls
Not a butthurt apple user or anything but I gotta give the jailbreaking comunity some cred. I remember back in 2010 I had a iPhone 3gs where I overclocked the cpu and could install custom apps from the "jailbreak appstore" or even from piratebay.
And also change the color the notification light flashes? Thats stock on oneplus for years back.
All and all I prefer android in todays with the more or less perfect oneplus 6.
I like this kind of segments.
Dino Jayven
iPad Pro has USB C charging cable
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