Trump's Doral resort is in steep Secret Service works to secure 1 day ago   02:20

CNN's Brooke Baldwin spoke to the Washington Post reporter Jonathan O'Connell who wrote that business at President Trump's Doral resort in Miami is in steep decline. #CNN #News

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Jesus Ramos
The Russian and Saudi money laundering machine has been cut off, only losers and criminals invest in golf courses
CNN: the finest in very fake news. Enemy of The People.
Rockin Roll
apparently there is not much demand for fake news. cnn's ratings are clearly illustrating that
Rockin Roll
Talk about steep decline cnn audience is vanishing. Even the lowest intelligent person has figured out they have been lied to every day and night. The people that still watch cnn can not spell or write their own name
Seven Wonders
Oh, Trump's businesses are declining. Yahoo! We liberals are so happy because we are so full of hate!
Bruce Boyden
It's sad if Trump's business is in decline. CNN knows exactly what it's like to be in free fall so I'm sure they'll empathise.
Phantom X
This business would have failed even if Trump wasn't president, just like all his other businesses that failed. Trump is America's worst businessman.
Carole Wilkins
Good it couldnt happen to a more deserving person.
Sukhbir Sekhon
I guess there not enough political lobbyists around to fill all his hotels just the one in Washington.
peaches B- Georgia
No you didn't... just like everything else you touch... eventually it goes in the toilet...
There goes another Tax loss. Will Trump not pay any federal tax, because the business is losing business.
King Cristiano
Who gives a fuck?!? Where’s the real news? Venezuela? Iran? WWIII? CNN is trash just like any other network!!!!
Craig Wheeless
Boycott all things trump. The lying, cheating, sexual assaulting President who cheats on his taxes and calls it genius. Who calls himself a genius, claims he was top of his class yet threatens all his schools with a lawsuit if they release his school records. He’s a conman, fraud, charlatan...worse president EVER. I challenge anyone to find one worse.
Trump is a complete failure..
vanessa perez
Going to lose more than money Mr. Dump 😂😂😂😂 tik tok tik tok
Clint Carpenter
Trump golf courses are among the best WORLDWIDE. CNN is really digging here. They continue to come up with stories, not news.
Mark Morris
Well his vermin son can steal more cancer fund money to help it out ????
nina bean
James Hutchins
POTUS 45. Chickens coming home to roost.
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Secret Service works to secure Trump's Doral resort is in steep 1 day ago   02:54

New York City officials are expected to address safety concerns surrounding President-elect Donald Trump's penthouse in Manhattan. Security around the skyscraper is creating a traffic nightmare in a busy neighborhood. Michelle Miller reports from outside Trump Tower.