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jane carline
what is this film called
Courtney Charlton
i absolutely adore this film it even made me cry when he cried
Bradley Raad
@Fullitaboli HAHAHAH still luv him :)
Bradley Raad
he made out with a cat??? -_-
Наташа Целина
Спасибо за клип! Супер!
Charlotte Flavell
@RashelG12 yeah i kow now coz i got the movie a few weeks ago lol ;-)
Charlotte Flavell
whats this movie called
Sus Anna
Daniel forever^^
Юлия Шереметьева
Катюш,суперXDочень понравилось твое видео,я тоже его люблю=***
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[Elena ♥ Elijah] ~Life is mono~ -Daniel Gillies - Right Here 6 months ago   02:05

The creators of the series, of course, can cut scenes, dialogues, but cut looks, full of feelings, even they are not able to.
Life is mono...what I wanted to say? Life as a piano - white keys, black - cover.. No, of course, the video is not about this. :D Just another romantic Elena & Elijah story. I hope you'll like it and you aren't tired because of my works ^)
Music by Mono - Life is mono