Exploring Baja California, Mexico Cancun, Mexico HD (drone) 1 day ago   03:42

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"Baja California was somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit," filmmaker Joshua Cowan says. The sliver of land that stretches 775 miles along the western coast of Mexico is chock full of secluded spots that would be country-wide highlights anyplace else. Cowan hung out in hot springs, surfed on deserted, world-class beaches, went fishing in the bright blue waters off the coast, and trekked the peninsula's jungles.

The jagged coastlines, the staggering landscapes, and the breathtaking sunsets are a sight to behold. Fortunately enough, Cowan brought along his camera.

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Ome Teolt
My City Now !!! Its very Beautiful !! 😍
Bottle Of Fresh Squeezed Ass Juice
Love Mexico from Serbia
dan justin
Pontius Pilate
Hi guys Thea
Take the hippie fence. P. Salt C
Francisco Valdes
It’s not Baja. It’s Baja CALIFORNIA. For God sake. Lazy people.
This video is tight! I can't believe it only has 334 likes. It shows probably the most amazing part of Mexico in crystal clear focus and HD, with smooth drone shots, smooth panning, fast cuts to the music rhythm, which is a great song and brilliant sunsets. If I ever need to show off Mexico to the skeptics, this video will be my convincer.
Rudhisundar Beura
Visit Mexico, get murdered for free!
Highest homicide rates
Marielena Olazabal
Erick Jaime
Excellent video!
My prediction i think America will own Baja California and Baja California Sur in 2021
Julio Basoco
only show beaches, Baja California is more than that,
J-Boogie Brown
Has anyone noticed how the peninsula has appeared longer on maps, over the last few years, than it used to be? Google the Mandela Effect to learn more.
YoshiTokoNepe Industries
The real california
¿Cuál Giselle?
Muuuuuuuuuy bonito :3
Scott Hartman
There is so much more to Baja than this video indicates. My own best experiences have begun north of where much of this was filmed.
It's like California but below
Franc Vega
baja california is spanish for lower california
it seems like a lovely quiet part of the world
This is just a very small portion of what Baja has to offer
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Cancun, Mexico HD (drone) Exploring Baja California, Mexico 1 day ago   02:15

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