Gayle King questions R. Kelly R. Kelly was "unhinged" in interview with 2 days ago   04:02

CBS News
To watch the entire Gayle King Interview with R. Kelly:

"CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King grills R&B superstar R. Kelly on allegations he had sex with underage girls and asks him about a so-called "black room" at the singer's former home where it's alleged unspeakable sexual acts took place.

What you haven't seen from Gayle King's exclusive interview with the embattled R&B star -- and more.

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larissa nutting
Government in America is so messed up in thousand of ways

Breaks my heart hearing it all wish I could help so don't get why govermnet don't change the laws n rules on alot of things in America but what do they do out the abortion time down

Chico Fashion World Of Video's
His voice said, "No! before she finish asking the question, his head shaking, "yes! amazing how the truth battled the lie...
Nesa Joyner
Irish soul4 R.Kelly
Robert I want to get back to these long standing allegations about under aged girls. NOT GUILTY
luis rivera
This is a man that knows he is trapped in his devilish ways and the walls are crashing in on him and he is about to be exposed
Tamara lovett
Gayle King she talked to somebody before R Kelly was supposed to come on her show the same day about R Kelly
Darwin the southie 2002
It’s official The media hates black man
Dee P
His mouth is saying No while head is nodding Yes WTH?! His head is going to spin off before the interview is over😬
Those women ain’t no dam victims! They love money and that’s the price they paid!
indoctriNATION & America's great deception
God bless R Kelly. Dont believe. Know.
Neveah James
Wait wtf
OG Trap
R Kelly God R&b
Isaiah Amos
When you're a child you don't realize the seriousness of it but he has a serious problem and is sick
Isaiah Amos
We been known he did it come on bro I was selling his first tape at lunch when I was in middle school
Jason Hamilton
I can't believe his rage is real 😂😂😂 he is embarrassing.
Awesome Possum
She called him by his first name. Someone get this woman a raise.
Pastel Panda
Both the women and him seem unfortunate. Would be nice if both can heal and surpass this. As well as all the people who are hurt and bitter related to this, and watching it.
These girls wanted the D and the Money.
Collin Daugherty
Most grown men understand not put themselves in awkward situations with children. Apparently this guy didn't get the memo and as a famous person he should be even more cautious but he's full of crap this is one case where I say where there's smoke there's fire have fun in prison bro
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R. Kelly was "unhinged" in interview with Gayle King questions R. Kelly 2 days ago   12:37

Singer R. Kelly said he's an innocent man in an emotional interview with "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King. He vehemently denied all accusations of sexual abuse made against him. Renee Graham of The Boston Globe joined CBSN for analysis.

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