Gayle King questions R. Kelly Michael Jackson's family on "Leaving 1 day ago   04:02

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"CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King grills R&B superstar R. Kelly on allegations he had sex with underage girls and asks him about a so-called "black room" at the singer's former home where it's alleged unspeakable sexual acts took place.

What you haven't seen from Gayle King's exclusive interview with the embattled R&B star -- and more.

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Markie Smith Preacherman
R Kelly knows is that he is the biggest liar and I ever known I know that r Kelly had sex with an underage girls that's really nasty period. He is lying through his teeth.
learning 1st
Kanye, r kelly, michael jackson, dave chappelle, donald trump, the Beatles, kat williams ...
learning 1st
She asked never. Then he noded.
Chase Null
Now if his name was George Bush or Bill Clinton, he would get away with it no problems.
Kendrick BaldwinTV
I don't know why but seeing how calm the lady was had me rolling lmao 😂😁
Alaina Skop
2:50 she askes him if he’s saying he’s never done any of those things and he said absolutely not
I dont believe I can fly anymore
Caleb Kannenberg
Guys. He’s innocent until proven guilty and these stories very well might not be true. It’s been an unfortunate growing trend for desperate people to claim sexual assault against someone with tons of money. He’s a broken man, I mean look at him. They could be true but until proven, I feel for the man. His whole worlds crumbling down around him over these accusations.
Kyle Conklin
Defensive, much? He's showing that he is guilty a.f...
Johnny Price
Scrubs Only
why don’t they just set him up already? hire an “underaged” decoy & catch him in the act like they do the creeps on that show...
Everett Entertainment
I think r Kelly is sad and regretful cuz he got caught , not cuz he sincerely feels sorry . He is lying .
Jon Joyce
He made some amasing songs
James Harden
" 3:34 when your side ho's say I want more" (pulse1001)
MIMBIE Emma laetitia
Le plan laitue et crevettes très simple et riche.
Tai Music88
Why does he sound like he's about to say King Kong ain't got sh$& on me 😂😂
Nicola Crump
Ya head said yes but ya mouth said no, so which one is it? Yes or no cus im confused
Cammdc 1
He should have by no means been acquitted the first time.. with video evidence he was acquitted.. on 21 counts he was acquitted.. of course he will continue to do the same crap, he got away with it.. now he'll finally pay the price..
I think RKelly is innocent
Troy Space
Sounds like me playing madden and the cpu starts cheating: yalll killing me with this stuff i gave yall 4 quarters of greatness and this how ysll go do me this my career we talking bout
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Michael Jackson's family on "Leaving Gayle King questions R. Kelly 1 day ago   06:23

First on "CBS This Morning," Michael Jackson's family is speaking out about sexual abuse allegations against the singer in an explosive new HBO documentary premiering this weekend. In "Leaving Neverland," Wade Robson and James Safechuck claim Jackson abused them for years when they were children. Jackson always denied any inappropriate behavior with children. Gayle King spoke to Michael Jackson's brothers Jackie, Marlon, and Tito, as well as his nephew, Taj.

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