TFUE & CLOAKZY TRY THE ULTIMATE ESCAPE Hamlinz Reacts To Why We Watch 72hrs 2 months ago   39:07

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Tfue try the most confusing and mind tricking escape room they've ever tried! They enjoyed it a lot!

If any of the streamers or representatives of them want this video to be taken down kindly message me at and it'll be taken care of.
Thanks in advance!

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Mario Zlatev
At the end of the video I was like is that Glados?
PlzMeme This
I love this video
Twisted Throne Gaming
Lol wait i just realized i played this map with my friends
Steven Hancheck, Jr
They could have just respawned
Marcos YT
Cole Newman
There was 0 funny moments in this video but somehow cloak is laughing in every single second
The Chril
I’m getting some serious portal vibes from this game for some odd reason
Pretty much like 300 iq, or like 700 iq.
الصصاــمل المرـي
عرب ؟
Yo wtf did cloak smoke goddamn he baked like some brownies
TSM DarkRosez v2 Ak
I’ve finished it
The cake is a lie
Este mapa se me hace un poco familiar,me recuerda a Portal,pero sin portales xD
gunshot 50k
I've completed this
Joshua Green
I remember the enrichment centre. Done it so many times before season 8
Daniele Romano
9,1 milion visual?! WHATTTTT???
game play
what is the code of the Island
Stab Coralty
Not to be rude or come for anyone cause they are both amazing players, but dam, they are both so unentertaining when doing fun maps like this. Just me orrrr?
Bethan Murphy
You are good
VnS tobix !!
10:22 tfue powiedział po polsku mam
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Hamlinz Reacts To Why We Watch 72hrs TFUE & CLOAKZY TRY THE ULTIMATE ESCAPE 2 months ago   12:05

This is TSM Hamlinz' reaction to Why We Watch Liquid 72hrs , aka Tom , he used to play for FaZe , but moved to Liquid, and has became an amazing duo with Chap!

Hamlinz' Twitch -

Tom's Twitch -

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My Twitter -

Song's Used :
PUNYASO - Konoha's Kid (Naruto Tribute)

A.T. - The Smoke

Rae Okino - Mind (Le Wanderer Remix)

HOPEX - Warrior

Go check out Tom and the artists from the music via all the links above and show them some love! I hope you guys enjoyed the video!