Top 10 Ridiculous Music Videos Of the 2010s SKRILLEX - Bangarang feat. Sirah 4 months ago   12:18

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Skitt3n_ YT
But it ain’t 2010
Reilly Gleason
Reilly Gleason
Garle Curco
That means the men in blurred lines are child predators wtf
Kristine Roland
MAKE BUT VIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jehad Jesan
So s
Israel Aguasanta
I think we should ask Japanese people for opinion about Avril Lavigne's video. Today in USA everything is 'cultural appropriation' or 'mysoginistic' or something wrong just because we don't understand it
"every Melanie Martinez video ever"

And Heavydirtysoul

Oh and all the videos from Save Rock And Roll

And every P!ATD video
Staffy P
Talentless making $. Lmao
Jon Snow
lol...the weirdest song I heard in Breaking Bad
Hello Kitty was this decade? Jesus, it feels like forever ago
Umberto van staden
De kraaien ik wil met jow sexen
James Bond
My penis is dancing
alyssa ayala
they aren't naked in blurred lines they have nude and skin color outfits
CERL Angel
Where's Rihanna's S&M and LMFAO's Sexy and I Know It
Vondan Talingting
Ali J Cojímar
None of Tyler the Creator's music videos make sense...
Men dancing with women that are 10-15 Years Younger than them 😱😱😱 *Big Fucking Deal* As 43-Year-Old Man I zealously defend my right to canoodle with women 10-15 Years younger than myself.
Catty Harvs
Watch mojo has turned to shit. Unsubscribed
Set Fire to the Whole Damn House
"nameless models or dancers trying to pay the bills"
stereotyping much, not to mention the objectification? why are all mojo videos so dumb? and so what if it's his wife and mothr of his kids?

WM is grasping at straws, after the initial vids nothing was that weird, and not everything is for an American Audience.

that thicke song was CRAZY successful when it came out, videos with beautiful girls is nothing new, and they were all 19 and up.

miles staring at the screen while singing is an homage to Sinead o'connor's video "nothing compares to you" and hello kitty is definitely not the worst on this list. it's a homage to Avril's huge Japan fanbase and only an American group would talk about "cultural appropriation"
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SKRILLEX - Bangarang feat. Sirah Top 10 Ridiculous Music Videos Of the 2010s 4 months ago   03:39

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