Top 10 Ridiculous Music Videos Of the 2010s SKRILLEX - Bangarang feat. Sirah 8 months ago   12:18

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Antonio Castro
Fourth Reich
Vitas' music video for his song Opera 2 is tenfold better than anything in this list.
John Rogers
I hate Gangnam Style - the first few notes make me run to the dunny with explosive diarrhea. Net will be cancer of the Anus and it will be all his fault for such a shitty song and the public are no better for supporting trash.
Goes to show the public will eat anything that`s advertised to then.
Elijah Pinkney
Where's ass naked with my shot gun
Cody Knudson
Most over the top video of the 2010s? Have you not seen the video for Born This Way?
Taylor Rodrigues
Wrecking Ball is a piece of art! Don't even...
Mariou Loulou
Number 1: On m’appelle l’ovni / JUL
Cynthia Sipes
I cringe everytime he says GANGnam...
They should redo this list and add monophobia by deadmau5
teenagers by my chemical romance was pretty weird in my opinion. one of my favorites, yes, but weird nonetheless.
Summer M
I swear most of all time low's music videos should be on this
Alberico Fanelli
I honestly feel like I’m the only one who finds 4 extremely fucked up.
Michael Easterwood
Lozbotw 67
Turn down for what aka objects of desire
Milo Bedford
Why don't I see all of my queen nicki manaj's vids, as well as bonapettite by katy Perry? Hmmmmmmmm?

Edit: just watched the actual vid and my queen is on the list so peace to all
Luna The Rat
I questioned my sanity after watching this
Lil’ Budd Light
Why does he say gangdamn style? .
samantha jordan
Honestly none of these are that bad, the honorable mention videos were way strangers than Avril! Like what?!
Justin Trombetta
Why do you have to show half of bubble butt
Tara Fleming
How is hello kitty any different from what Gwen stefani did?
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SKRILLEX - Bangarang feat. Sirah Top 10 Ridiculous Music Videos Of the 2010s 8 months ago   03:39

Official video for Skrillex - "Bangarang" feat. Sirah

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