Brantley Gilbert - Not Like Us (Audio) Brantley Gilbert-Bullet In a Bonfire(Audio) 1 day ago   03:09

Music video by Brantley Gilbert performing Not Like Us (Static Version). © 2019 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

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William Malloy Jr
Generation X will never be touched. Were on another level. These kids today have it easy.
Blue Rain
Love it 😍♥️
You gotta be from a really small town where everyone holds there own to really get this song. And ya better watch where ya step or you get took outback. Two steppin with the devil. Love it.
Randall Cook
Brantley I feel like you can do Chris cagle justice I know you do you’re own music but bring back alive some 90s mixed with your own chris cagle let therebe cowgirls that would be amazing as I see and listen to my own judgement you’re the only one that can do it.. I know it probably won’t happen but just a thought.. it would be rockin
Aaron Dillon
Brantley Gilbert and Upchurch need to do a song together
I feel like driving a red truck on a dirt road.
Andrew Gaming
old and still badass
Ricardo Garza
Great sound when you coming south of the Red River , Dallas ?
Lola Combs
Nicelike song family fan
Justice For America
I like how you did that tempo honestly slow fast slow
Rock Massa
BG Rocks 😁😎
S and S 081
I love this. BG has the outlaw reputation but his sobriety is coming out in this and it couldn’t be more clear
Richard Owens
Someone asked, "What happens in a small town." Find out! Get out of the city and get you some. It's the way we live. Brantley tells you all about it in his music.
Carp and Cats Fishing
Classic BG
Raphael Johnson
Brantley is absolutely one of the best out today, love his music, relate to alot of it.BG if you see this comment,thank you for all the music🤘🏼
Pauline Eversole661
Fun song Brantley
Kathryn Brown
I am obsessed with this song 🤩
Gilberto Gonzalez
Classic BG, I love it!
Hannah Whittle
Can I get a like for the B.G army
Jeff Kellogg
I grew up in the country, live in the city now but still have that country in me.
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Brantley Gilbert-Bullet In a Bonfire(Audio) Brantley Gilbert - Not Like Us (Audio) 1 day ago   04:23

Xmas came waaaay too early this year! One of Brantley Gilbert's songs from his new album, 'The Devil Don't Sleep', called "Bullet in a Bonfire".
Like, comment, share and enjoy folks! ( Come on let's be real, this is a song about beating the tar out of woman abusers and defending a lady's honor, how can you dislike ?!)

*DISCLAIMER: I do not own the song in any way, shape, or form. Using for entertainment purposes only. Check out the rest of BG's music here: