Apple Always Wins 200+ NEW iOS 13 features / changes for iPhone! 1 day ago   14:39

Jon Rettinger
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The Apple iPhone, iPad, & AirPods have all redefined their product categories. Apple wasn't first to market in any of these scenarios, but they delivered products that were unmatched at the time. So, do you agree that Apple did it best?

Apple, We Need to Talk -
I Outsmarted Apple -

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Jon Rettinger
Now it's your turn, what's your favorite Apple product and why?
Shadow Nickstar
Well yeah but as of today apple don't know what to do anymore 😐
Pepijn Velthuis
iPhone X & iPad Pro, definitely.
ComeCreate With illbadaa
Great vid. Very true.
Manuel Kivie
4:15 This is an ad for apple
Fight The Bully!
I remember the days I was always on Palm central looking dates for the next software update. Fun times.
Antony 96
U R a hypocrite, U say U love the iPad experience but U switched to 18:9 on ur videos, U don’t care about iPad users. Sucker !
bashir mutebi
MacBook Pro and iPhone 6S
Immanuel M.C.N.
Apple fanboy! Yea
What af... Hahahahahahaha....
Apple Always Wins ... except when it don't
like pippin
like ping
or ... iphone market share
Nathan Niang
13:34 Apple owns beats, they were designed in California by Apple.
marshall branin
Best apple product is definitely the Stocks app
marshall branin
It may not be the most feature packed, it may never be first, but it is the most seamless and refined. That's the selling point of Apple
Rudy Rodriguez
roses are red
violets are blue
apple always wins
android fanboys know its true
Apple is for the masses so it's no surprise that once Apple does it, it becomes mainstream.......because Apple is the mainstream, the common device in the general population's hands.
My PocketPC mobile phone was like, what's the big deal with the iPhone and onscreen keyboard?
Even Apple had the Newton............but when Apple entered the market. Wait, wut?
Nermin Okanovic
iPhone. I’ve tried android phones, older and newer. Having android kinda makes me feel empty and sort of disconnected. It makes the smartphone that I have...just a smartphone.
Apple just works. For me at least.

And they are far from perfect, often I want things the competition has. But then again, the competition needs optimization and smoothness around the edges. Apple’s software gives me that. Hardware without software is pointless.
Suction Cup Man
Apple Monitor Stand: $999
Apple Cheese Grater: $5999 (Starting price)

*LeTs TaLk Ab0uT That*
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200+ NEW iOS 13 features / changes for iPhone! Apple Always Wins 1 day ago   46:48

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Hands-on with over 200 iOS 13 changes and features!


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