The Painful World of Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow Derp: Siege 6 [SFM] 2 months ago   10:21

Siege can get so bad sometimes that you have to take a step back and wonder "what has my life come to?"
Sometimes we record Burnt Horizon, sometimes we play the new ops, and sometimes we create videos that also make you ask the same question.

i don't think i've even uploaded any legit mozzie/gridlock gameplay lol yeet




Provided by Epidemic Sound -
Kero Kero Bonito - Flamingo

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Deadpoolloll Deadpool
I took your romance advice and it didn't work out well
DEMHAX nice firewall
That thumb nail.....
MY PP's hitbox is THICCC
Nicolas Villegas
I wish caviera looked like how she does in the thumb nail but nope instead she looks like a man.
Kim Church
Here because of the cav pic lol
Literally Just Spam And Eggs
Why in the thumbnail does caviar look like deputy Hudson
That thumbnail is questionable
Marcus Petersen
When it said I know what you’re thinking and he said it was a no. I was asking my self if he was straight. Sooooooo tux good for you for coming out
elite hunter
da intro man.... haa... virgin joke'...
What is the music that guy repeatedly played
Thanos Thiccums
r6 is the only game where you can get banned for not winning a game, some 12 year old said he was practicing for comp and we lost a round and got the last person banned for harassment and teaming, fucking stupid
Truly, Humanity has evolved.

I never said for the better.
Tyler Jobe
Why does Santa Claus have such a big sack....because he only comes ones a year
Ruth Wheaton
I love the spongebob references so much ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖
Diego Pacheco
Who’s the one who said that hibana has a bigger hitbox
The Gaming Zee
0:27 intro song name?
Zackary Manzella
What’s the song from 8:26 - 8:32?????
Can I get a link to the sound effect at 6:10
Johnathan Cimorelli
At 4:34 you said give me a kiss and I thought wait tux isn’t straight and then it said l know what your thinking the answers is no so tux is gay
Crazy Shot
4:37 So you're not straight
you know shit's good when you're laughing within the first 5 seconds
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Rainbow Derp: Siege 6 [SFM] The Painful World of Rainbow Six Siege 2 months ago   11:05

Rainbow Derp: Siege 6 is finally here after 2 months of work! Enjoy this new Rainbow Six: Siege parody, and thank you for supporting me!

🎬 Actors 🎬

AnthonyPit1 as Marius Streicher (Jäger)
Macie Jay as Liu Tze Long (Lesion)
BikiniBodhi as Alexsandr Senaviev (Tachanka)
TheRussianBadger as Chul Kyung Hwa (Vigil)
Serenity17 as Dominic Brunsmeier (Bandit)
Twomad as Gustave Kateb (Doc)
Max Goose as himself (Mozzie)
Tori Tallyo Fairous as herself (Gridlock)
Teo as Maxim Basuda (Kapkan)
Yandere-chan as Taina Pereira (Caveira)
Bill Overbeck as Jalal El Fassi (Kaid)
The Lion King as Olivier Flament (Lion)
Shuhrat Kessikbayev as himself (Fuze)
Mr. Worldwide as Jack Estrada (Pulse)
EE-ONE-D as itself
RSD Model 1 Shock Drone as itself
Emmanuelle Pichon as herself (Twitch)
Vladimir Putin as Lera Melnikova (Finka)
The Rock as Gilles Touré (Montagne)
The Engineer as Jordan Trace (Thermite)
Thomas The Tank Engine as Elias Kötz (Blitz)
Agent 225 as Mike Baker (Thatcher)
Baldi as Seamus Cowden (Sledge)
Bozon Bunch as Ryad Ramirez Al-Hassar (Jackal)
Monika Weiss as herself (IQ)
Louis as Morowa Evans (Clash)
Doctor Lalve as Tiny Desk Engineers
Biohazard Container as itself (Biohazard Container)
Sonic The Hedgehog as Eliza Cohen (Ash)
Ubisoft Entertainment as Itself (Ubisoft)
SpunkGargle WeeWee as myself (SpunkGargle WeeWee)

🔊 Music used 🔊

Hereford Base (Rework) Theme - Rainbow Six: Siege
Operation Burnt Horizon Theme - Rainbow Six: Siege
Bãtutã Din Moldova - Rabbids Go Home
Another Appeal - Sven Karlsson
Agua De Coco 3 - Martin Landh
Main Theme - Super Smash Bros
Sneaky Snitch - Kevin MacLeod
Hammer Bros. Theme - Super Mario 3 (SNES)
Opening 2 - Attack on Titan
Opening 1 - Attack on Titan
Da Funk (Casino inc. remix) - Daft Punk (Casino inc.)