Places No Human Has Ever Set Foot What If There Is No Rain On The Earth 1 month ago   07:57

Some people may believe that the whole earth has been explored by now. There are in fact still places on earth that remain unexplored. The following are some places that you will almost certainly never get to go to, even if you really wanted to.
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For those of you wondering, the pictures in the video aren't of the actual places mentioned. Of course, nobody has been there! We used images that resemble the places so that you can imagine what they would look like.
The Groovy Chick
How the hell is the Marianas Trench a United States national monument??? It's nowhere near America!
Rikki Velez
The fact the title says no human has set foot there but it shows places where intentions people live is problematic. Are they not humans too?
Janek H 2019
Omfg giant from Clash of Clans and Clash Royale
Anthony Smith
What about the island of snakes off the brazil coast? You forgot to mention that
Alex Hoefler
This is literally the worst video. You can’t even write or say numbers correctly and you had false information throughout. It’s not hard to factually post information in a video
Fake news.
5:47 We know this because Australia doesn't exist
its clear u are an american
i am pretty sure there are no indigenous people living in austria hahahhaha. maybe australia but not austria
sadest thing is 71 thousand people dont know the difference
TahitianTreatFlavored BabyBatter
You know something is up with a location when even thieving European folks dont wanna colonize it.
levi Hughes
There spreading communism
Mayank Ahlawat
Bitch there is a good reason why 9k people disliked this video. You can name any shhit and say no one been there. This video is like my girlfriend telling me that my dick is the first thing to get her in vagina after her fingers. LIE
Mayank Ahlawat
Bitch. Ur arrow is toward Jammu and kashmir, Indian state. Ass hole, people live there.
IAm FuzzyDolphin
2:35 alright people, Pokemon go is dead but we're going to the bottom of the ocean anyways

Jk I just wanna drown myself
B carp
lol sakha republic is not explored?
Jeffrey Romasanta
Shawn Justesen
Archie Gray
You said humans seet foot on
Indigenous peoples count
YeetMy Yote
I have been inside a yucitan cinote
Otja Semba
i am from Namibia. Actually most Namibian coastal Towns fall within the Namib dessert.
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What If There Is No Rain On The Earth Places No Human Has Ever Set Foot 1 month ago   10:12

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