"MY HOOD ACADEMIA" (FULL VIDEO) All Smashes from Boku no Hero 6 months ago   04:01

A normal day in U.A for young Midoriya & his friends until they stumble across Kacchan who's in a horrible mood and decides to pick a fight with deku. deku is at his boiling point he refuses to allow kacchan to continue to treat him like a punching bag... what he does next shocks everyone.

beat created by THA J-SQUAD: https://ai-tube.com/videoai/yL70hvUZXD8

Special fx by: https://ai-tube.com/userchannel/HPjtDOuOxQaoxtUKBt9ywP1D

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Philip Tucker
Lmao y'all stay goin hard every video. Keep up the good work lady and gentlemen
xLunalove x
Omg what is this😂
Khang Mai
I will never watch one piece again
The flash but GREEN
My eyes have been blessed.
battle of the visual effects
Dango _69XD
Que hago aqui
Dooby Rhome
Every second of this video is significantly hilarious
I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts
Why though 😂😂😂
1:10 begins
M & M
Ok Yall Deadass bout to stop disrespecting Luffy like he cant Beat Dekus Whole team at once
Welani Sakala
Damn.. LUFFY WASTED! Was that Toga at the end lmao
Well that was unexpected - Came to watch a fight saw a dance instead....
bad editing I mean horrible editing
My man half cold half hot out here with new dreds
Влад Сулейманов
Please read the original a bit before making these. Like, this fight man...
Its Booya
I officially have aids
abderrahmane barkat
fuck man the worst if you watch my hero academia you know that midorya is not a black men fuck . plus ultra
Watt dae fakk?
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All Smashes from Boku no Hero "MY HOOD ACADEMIA" (FULL VIDEO) 6 months ago   17:35

Drown your ears to the sound of SUMASHAY!!

Episodes 13-25 from season 2 and the entirety of season 3 was downloaded from http://animeshow.tv. The rest was from some website that is currently shut down.

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Credit to Bones for making Midoriya use his quirk without breaking his damn bones.

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