"MY HOOD ACADEMIA" (FULL VIDEO) All Smashes from Boku no Hero 2 weeks ago   04:01

A normal day in U.A for young Midoriya & his friends until they stumble across Kacchan who's in a horrible mood and decides to pick a fight with deku. deku is at his boiling point he refuses to allow kacchan to continue to treat him like a punching bag... what he does next shocks everyone.

beat created by THA J-SQUAD: https://ai-tube.com/videoai/yL70hvUZXD8

Special fx by: https://ai-tube.com/userchannel/HPjtDOuOxQaoxtUKBt9ywP1D

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James Tidswell
We all know luffy would gommu gommu no any midoriyas shit jsssss
AdriakiT Music
Se me erizo la piel jajja que epico
Bruh bruh Bruh bruh Bruh bruh Bruh bruh Bruh bruh Bruh bruh Bruh bruh Bruh bruh Bruh bruh Bruh bruh Bruh bruh Bruh bruh
Legend Ahsui
I never see todaroki smile 😃
n0IX Master
This was amazing
Joouhn _
i love it
santiago Aponte
Todos hablan de porque deku está negro
pero nadie habla de porque Tenya iida está enano >:'v
Buddha Mitchell
Rodrigo Ferreira
Nose como expresar mi asco dado hacia este video con sus dialogos racistas y culturales después claro de arruinar la imagen de este buen anime

No entiendo porque siempre están sonriendo, creo que es por que saben que es una mierda y se ríen como diciendo khe verga estamos haciendo en fin es una basura
tyent bonto
This is cringy as fuck
what if ma boi luffy doing there
Fauzy Daud
My N-Word Academia
The transition at 1:20 was so clean
Koby Khock
How awkward was this and how did the surrounding people around the area react
idel van Rheeden
2:12 did somebody else also notice that the girl was getting horny everytime she moved her butt or is it just me XD
Daniel Pantigozo Gastañaga
wtf what this shit
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All Smashes from Boku no Hero "MY HOOD ACADEMIA" (FULL VIDEO) 2 weeks ago   17:35

Drown your ears to the sound of SUMASHAY!!

Episodes 13-25 from season 2 and the entirety of season 3 was downloaded from http://animeshow.tv. The rest was from some website that is currently shut down.

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Credit to Bones for making Midoriya use his quirk without breaking his damn bones.

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