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15 Minutes Relax With Just For Laughs Gags #27 😜😂😁

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Алексей Воробьев
Постоянно смотрю ваши видео! Канадцы замечательные,добрые люди.Привет вам из России!
Maria Socorro
Essa do pum foi a mais engraçada
Qais Zazai
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh one of my favorite show i love it
Kanybek Djanibaev
durka raman
Mihai Stefan Mihai Stefan
Roblox Username-Bonde_endguest2
Guys I was there on the prank when the woman and the other woman and the boy fart on front of me I was like omg god how rude
Eva Lora
thanks ...have a good time ..(302) 364-5217
Сявлун Отиниксов
James Brozik
laughing TO TEARS !!!!!
Abdulaziz Hakami
You are a piece of💩
Armin Thapa
That’s 12:28 😭😢
very nice
Nadeem AL.Zayed
Tuke Sydykbekov
GGGadiden Gaba
серовно молдеж кто смотрить старше фу на вас
GGGadiden Gaba
нафиг реклам придурки
Deepshikha Bains
Good job keep it up 👍
Ganesh Suryvanshi
My favourite ,,
Ganesh Suryvanshi
My favourite ,,
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Public Transportation Pranks - Best 15 Minutes Relax With Just 1 day ago   10:50

On your way to work? Taking a little trip to Grandma's house? You've just given us the PERFECT opportunity to prank! Next time you're waiting for the bus... BEWARE!

Venus Flytrap Bus Stop: http://bit.ly/1kwFnWV
Old Lady Super Soaker Attack: http://bit.ly/1ttEzoQ
Entrance Gate Prank: http://bit.ly/1hgRRO8
Short Bus Runaway Kid: http://bit.ly/1kaYer2
Epic Old Man -- Dancing At Bus Stop: http://bit.ly/18VZwgh
City Bus Pranks: http://bit.ly/1vSlP4D
Bus Driving Grim Reaper: http://bit.ly/1od3Svx

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