11 Times Mohammed Salah Used Best Corner Kick Goals 5 months ago   03:05

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Al wab Al wab
i think mo salha is better 100 times than roando
Keith Phillips
It is just he's hard work and he puts his effort in Liverpool
Amr Shahin
As an Egyptian too
, we are so proud of him
Mostafa Adel
Mo Salah ♥
كرار المدريدي
العربي لايك
Салиха Асанова
Салах тоже класс красавчик 💪💪💪👍👍👍👍
Zaheen Hadi
Who are more better

Salah = like
Messi = comment
king of Egypt
*You know what you want to do*
🔱 🌸💚🍇😊💋🐰⚓⛴
Egemen Ataykan
What is the name of the music??
abonna fhad la chaine
Retek Répa
Love from Hungary
Mahmoud Otaku
2019 Liverpool wins the coup yeees , Salah Arabic Muslim Player the best in the world
Lamah Shakeeb
I like Cristiano Ronaldo he is the more talented player
Привет Как Дела
Love SALAH красавчик
Irsad Agung miranda
La illahailallah muhammadarasullullah
Зайдулло Зокиров
Love Salah from Tajikistan
ابو العريف
1:14 waoooooooooo
Muhammed Ibrahim
11k dislikes of FAPs
salah beast
tough goals
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Best Corner Kick Goals 11 Times Mohammed Salah Used 5 months ago   03:33

Best Corner Kick Goals In Football ft Mo Salah, Ronaldino, Henry, Beckham, Recoba, Di Maria...

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