Will New Glenn be the KING of Heavy Science Stories You'll Be Hearing 5 months ago   24:13

Everyday Astronaut
Blue Origin, perhaps the sleeping giant of the aerospace industry, will be going from a tiny suborbital rocket, to one of the biggest rockets ever made…

Today, we’re finally going to do a quick rundown on Blue Origin, talk about their upcoming New Glenn rocket and then compare it to some of the other Heavy Lift Launchers it will be competing against.

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Everyday Astronaut
Some notes! First: Falcon Heavy to LEO is indeed 30 tonnes, because as stated in the video, we quoted fully reusable, RTLS and droneship landing. The number you see on wikipedia (63,800 kg) is fully expendable. If you need a source on 30 to LEO here's Elon talking about it - https://t.co/xPA9bGiNB9 (Also backed up by a true physics simulation too)

Second: That said, YES, I did have an error! I swapped graphics out last minute and forgot to change the lbs conversion of OmegA. So, the kN's are still accurate but the translation to pounds is incorrect. That number should be 4.9 million lbs. The corrected slide is on my website: https://everydayastronaut.com/new-glenn-2018/
T. D.
Another excellent video. Thank you 🙏
It's much easier to program a feedback loop guidance system if the landing platform has stable momentum. By moving as quickly as possible in a linear direction, you significantly rob nature of the opportunity to do sideways motions, so a moving ship is MUCH easier to land on than a "static" one, which would be bobbing all over the place mindlessly in the water.
Dave Fury
Not having actual, factual information hasn’t stopped sites like yours before from publishing anything.
jun padilla
as elon said before he will be happy to have another private competitor to race in.space it would matter.to him cause it.would be great .so in my opinion if this new glen of blue origin will work space x is way far already and maybe space x is building now in mars.a colony.hehehe.
I just love the efficiency of SpaceX
Bob the Builder
You should do a comparison between Spacex's BFR and the New Glenn. Seem's like it's a more balanced comparison to compare it to a similar, also not yet operation rocket than comparing it to existing, smaller, operational rockets.
Jack Hughes
New Armstrong 🤔
Roger Crier
When they do the first test launch they could buy a Tesla semi truck, fully load it, and launch that!!! One upmanship or what!
Can't wait for New Armstrong.
Forget the landing ship. Just land it in Ireland.
Super BottleBros
from a sub-atomic particle, to the computer that I'm watching this video on?!?!?!?!?
Thomas Cuypers
On the website of SpaceX you can see the Falcon Heavy can lift almost 64 tonnes to LEO. Here in this video it says only 30 tonnes to LEO.
Rolf Hauser
Glad to see so much good competition. Wonder why NASA is still doing SLS (and spending billions) when they could be contracting a few of these companies for their lifting. I know a decade ago that it didn't look like there wasn't an alternative but now....?
Johan Kampen
Congrats on Hitting 1 million
Thane Mac
Vid just hit 1 mil views
Gerard Oreilly
Trump should try to sell SLS's to China reducing our debt help China get to the Moon sooner and/or deliver Chinese equipment to orbit? Everybody would Save Money!!!
Gerard Oreilly
Can Space X & Blue Origin NOT merge or at least partner at some time in the future?
João de Carvalho
These solid boosters look like a cheap solution. It should not me difficult to attach some of those in the rocket.

Imagine their next rocket, probably New Armstrong.

I don't think that SLS will have a chance against these private sector rockets.
João de Carvalho
They should build a New Gagarin.
How did no one leaked photos from inside the factory?
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Science Stories You'll Be Hearing Will New Glenn be the KING of Heavy 5 months ago   15:58

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2018 was a big year for science and technology, and 2019 is shaping up to be more of the same. Here's some of the big science stories we'll be following in the coming year.

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On May 20th of this year, the scientific community will be redefining four metric units of measurement, the kilogram, the Kelvin, the mole, and the ampere.

The Event Horizon telescope is an attempt to image the black hole at the center of the Milky Way, known as Sagittarius A. The telescopes actually did the imaging last year, and the team is in the process of collecting the data and analyzing it, but the expectation is that this year we should get, for the first time, an actual image of a black hole

in the first half of the year, Tesla will finally unveil their long-awaited $35,000 baseline Model 3, but it’s also expected sometime this year that Tesla will unveil the Model Y, their crossover model based on the Model 3 platform. and a lot of people are also speculating that at the Model Y reveal, Elon may do a “one more thing” thing and introduce the Tesla pickup.

Other EVs that will be released in 2019 include the Audi e-Tron, the Mercedes EQC, an update for BMW’s i3 with a larger battery, the Jaguar iPace, the Volvo XC40, the Porche Taycan, the Kia e-Niro, The Kia Soul EV, the Hyundai Ioniq, and the Mini Electric.

New Horizons, the probe that sent us those amazing pictures of Pluto back in 2015, is now flying through the Kuiper belt, and just passed the asteroid Ultima Thule, which we'll be getting detailed images from this year

Hayabusa2 from JAXA will collect soil samples from the asteroid Ryugu this year.

Similarly the Osiris Rex mission from NASA arrived at the asteroid Bennu just about a month ago on December 3rd and will spend 2019 scanning and imaging Bennu.

The Parker Solar Probe will make 2 flybys of the sun this year, one in April and one in September.

There’s also a slew of moon landings coming this year that are worth following.

ISRO, the Indian Space Research Organization plans to land on the moon with Chandrayaan-2 which they expected to launch last year but it’s been pushed back to January 31st.

But before that, the Chinese National Space Administration landed Change’4, which actually launched in December, on the far side of the moon.

SpaceX plans to start performing hopper tests this year for their Starship, previously known as BFR,

But perhaps no piece of news or space related event this year can come close to the first tests of the SpaceX Dragon 2 capsule that will finally return the US to manned missions to space.

At the same time, the Boeing Starliner capsule will see space for the first time in March with an uncrewed demo mission, followed by a scheduled manned mission in August of 2019.