National Grid helicopter team CSGOG wood kit cars wall 4 months ago   12:03

National Grid helicopter team working on power cables. Out and about and spotted this going on. I suspect it may have been a training session from the number of people around.

Canon Powershot SX60 HS hand held with image stabilisation enabled

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Comments 29 Comments

I’m thinkin maybe an Astar helicopter...?
They must be using some mega rubber bands in that chopper!
Bet you wish you had an RC transmitter for that !
Really good footage.
creative ashok
What is the resistor value to drop 8v to 6v .
Red Overdrive, the unstoppable confused daltonic!!

i can do better than that.... i'd sell generators and gasoline
Lynn Hemeon
Great footage. Doing it that way means they can do it without shutting the power off
Jay Herde
In the right spot at the right time ... Thanks for stopping.
Nice close up zoom shots :) Neat how the hot air makes the side look really blurred.
shakall lalaka
shocking, isnt it? interesting catch.
hiii great channel iv really love it subscribed since i was 7
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CSGOG wood kit cars wall National Grid helicopter team 4 months ago   10:37