MPs vote on different Brexit scenarios, Brexit: MPs challenged over vote 1 day ago   23:34

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bob rail
Watch their parties come sniveling around in May local election constituencies like these traitors promising all kinds for your vote and like these sniveling traitors do nothing bar vote local councillors a pay rise
James Ross
Here's a Brexit Scenario: We leave the EU, as democratically mandated by the British people in 2016.
Bernard Finucane
The EU works so well that the parliaments at national level have regressed to infantile games. The first past the post system makes it easy to manipulate politicians. Most of these people are in safe districts, and in firm control of their local party organization. They only represent themselves.
Of the eight propositions, only two or three seriously address the abyss the country is about to fall into. When bad things start happening, everyone will point their finger at someone else. Right now, most of them can't even imagine bad things, because they've never experienced anything bad.
A normal Christian
To Mr Letwin, to vote again on these things on Monday, didn't the EU state that unless a deal was agreed before Friday the 29th, or tomorrow, before Monday there would be no extention. So their real plan is due to surface, May's plan is to wait until the last minute and try to push the nasty treaty through with the threat of no deal unless they vote for the worst option; Other MPs have the plan to revoke article 50 because no agreement can be made, oh that will be their excuse.
Annyai Presoski
Amazing. Our own politicians queuing up to surrender to the Brussels gravy train bureaucrats. Dishonest, disloyal, communists, ignoring the democratic vote of the people. An absolute disgrace, made all the worst because it’s expected of these people, they have not an IQ point between them to rub together. They sell Britain because they cannot even agree between’s their paid job to reach a proper agreement. Squabbling children. Fatuous idiots.
Matthias Andersson
@2:10 -yes! ...oh shit
Thruns Guinneabottle
We have been fleeced.
Five hundred of these "members" voted to "respect the results of the referendum", which meant we would leave the EU.
A lot of them must have been lying.
Because here we are after nearly three years of bamboozling, with a significant possibility that there will be no Brexit, after all.
We have been the victims of a "three card monte". This is a playing-card fraud in which we are outsmarted by a dealer (the EU), who is in control of the game. The dealer works in conjunction with a stooge (five hundred of them). We are led to believe that the stooge is on our side against the dealer, whereas in reality, the stooge is working with the dealer in order to cheat us.
And this is what they have done.

There is one hopeful possibility.
If the stooges can be silenced for a while, then we leave on WTO terms by default - an oversight on their part, but it would be the most genuine Brexit of all. It is no coincidence that the MOST dishonest stooges have been most keen to see this possibility precluded at an early stage (or "ruled out" as they call it.)

Parliament has cheated the people. I am too old and too infirm, now, to take up arms in civil insurrection. But were I not, I would be a participant in the civil war which we are now due.
And while we are at it, we we would correct some of the other frauds which have been perpetrated against us - such as silently handing over our country and our culture to hostile aliens. In that respect, we would be falling into line with the examples which are now being shown by the other European countries, finally acting in their own sovereign interest..
Madman Moz
Here deal isnt allowed back in the house so that means she cant deliver the treaty to the EU, the only deal left on the table is no deal and i believe a no deal is yhe best way to reseteverything including the usless Mp's. If we leave with no deal. The UK hards the strongest hand in all negotiations. People want to do business with us..the whole world is stood waiting for us open up shop and buy and sell. If we had a brexit leader running the show we would already be trading WTO. May shoukd be sent to a mental home, clearly has serious btain damage. Sad woman!
Peter Crane
What;s missing is the honour that these lying scheming toe rags are supposed to have, this is a complete scam, they are doing everything they can to keep us in the UK on rhw EU, regardless of what the people want.
Awreet Meowd
Am I imagining this, is it because I've had a pint, or are we actually being governed by the Muppets?
Simon Gibbs
I think there will be a 2nd referendum. As we have already voted to leave and Parliament voted article 50 into law stating that we leave with or without a deal; the only options on the ballot should be Mays Deal or No Deal. Both options should be explained to the public in layman's terms so we can decide if we want to go soft or hard!! Not rocket science is it!!!
What's missing?

100 bn to the EU for their pension mess.
30 bn a year in subsidies to low paid EU migrants
13.5 bn a year in fees.

Why aren't MPs being put on the line to say what services they cut here to pay the EU?

They should be forced to decide what austerity they inflict on their voters.
So that's another referendum dead and buried.
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Brexit: MPs challenged over vote MPs vote on different Brexit scenarios, 1 day ago   17:07

Emily Maitlis grills Jacob Rees-Mogg over the language he has used over Theresa May's Brexit deal.
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Newsnight is joined by Defence Minister Tobias Ellwood, Chair of the European Research Group Jacob Rees-Mogg, Labour MP Stephen Kinnock and Sarah Wollaston from The Independent Group.

The Labour frontbench were invited to participate in the discussion, but declined.

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