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Cecily MacArthur
Life Coach Cecily MacArthur, writer, motivational speaker, blogger and life mastery consultant interviewed on Quincy, Massachusetts public access about the work she has been doing with their local unemployment office and discussing her workshop and other coaching materials based on the topic of Staying Positive During Challenging Times.

About Cecily:

Cecily is pronounced Cec as in Success, ily as in Family.

84% of the population thinks theyre not good enough. My mission is to help lower that number.

As a coach, trainer, speaker and writer, I help people embrace change, exercise their power to make choices, discover their true purpose, and create the life of their dreams.

After 20+ years as a successful corporate business consultant, I was stressed out, overweight, tired, and dissatisfied with my life. Then I found out I had cancer! I was determined to be a survivor, and, at the same time, take advantage of this second chance to turn my life around.

Today, I am healthy, energized, and doing work that I love as a certified life coach, trainer, speaker and writer. I am a certified LifeMastery Consultant and a business partner of Mary Morrissey, LifeSOULutions and the human potential movement.

My life mission is to help people embrace change, exercise their power to make choices, discover their true purpose, and create the life of their dreams. I am connecting deeply with my spirituality, and am following my creativity in wonderful new ways, including writing a childrens book titled "Mrs. Madison's Magic Garden," and starting an online school called the "Light Beam Academy". I am excited by the endless possibilities that each day brings, and I have never felt more alive and so full of joy.

Cecily works to education people in the areas of motivation, law of attraction, human potential, the secret, manifestation, life mastery, the laws of success and positive thinking. She shares the teachings of Napoleon Hill, Mary Manin Morrissey, Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Doreen Virtue, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Gregg Braden, Neale Donald Walsch, Hay House, and Hampton Roads Publishing with her students.

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Hello I am the mother of a 32 year old daughter. She is over weight sometimes her personality appears to be aggressive and self deserving.
Only to sometimes hurt the ones that she love. Being over weight leaves a stigma. Please can someone give me professional consultants that may be able to help me. As a mother I have joined her in daily walks. She more with a menu that will instruct her over eatting habits as well. Please help
She has insurance.
I have a very relevant video -where I talk about a difficult time and how I stay positive,I loved the video thank you!
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Dealing with Difficult Times On 5 Ways To Stay Positive 7 months ago   11:49

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In this episode of The Charged Life, high performance coach and #1 New York Times bestselling self-help author Brendon Burchard shares ideas for how to deal with difficult times in our lives.

This is Brendon speaking freestyle, recorded in one take without prompter or notes.


1. Set Small, Simple Daily Goals. When times are difficult, it’s easy to feel we’ve lost all personal power. So, a simple way to insert agency and progress in our lives is to set three small goals every day and work to achieve them. These can be as simple as taking a shower, going for a walk, or calling a friend. It’s not about taking over the world, it’s about directing just a tiny bit of our day until we can find our footing again.

2. Keep Perspective. Draw some strength from the truth that there have been positive, good, happy times in life and that those moments and memories can return and are with you. And remember that part of keeping perspective is realizing you are not on an island alone - there are people out there who can help you through this. Finally, remember, you are the miracle - the fact that you can choose your attention and breath and choices each day is a profound blessing. Not all is lost or negative - there is always hope and you can make new choices.

3. Ask, “What should I be learning here?” When times are tough, we often feel that we can’t understand or handle things, that we lack competence or capability. So, to shore up those feelings, be strategic and ask, “What could I learn now to better handle this stage of my life?” Develop a learning curriculum for yourself and start studying things that can help or advance your life.

4. Be Your Best Self Despite the Difficulties. When I had a brain injury, I couldn’t control my emotions and actions for a while. I felt out of control. All I could do is set the intention to be my best. I forced myself to ask, “How would my best self interact with this situation? How would I view this, go through this, support others, and grow despite it all?” Sometimes, a simple and positive intention can expand our consciousness and connection with life (and ourselves).

5. Keep Gratitude Alive. This is the time to get grateful for the choices and blessings you do have, for the people you have supporting you, for who you are and who you can become. The surest route from suffering begins at the path of gratitude.


Brendon Burchard is one of the most followed personal development trainers of our time, and he is in the Top 100 Most Followed Public Figures on Facebook. A #1 New York Times bestselling author, his books include The Motivation Manifesto, The Charge, The Millionaire Messenger, and Life’s Golden Ticket. A car accident at the age of 19 inspired Brendon to turn his life around and follow his dreams to be a writer and trainer. After succeeding at that effort (he became a multimillionaire by the age of 32), Brendon dedicated his life to helping others find their charge and share their voice with the world.

Brendon's posts now reach more than 10,000,000 people per week worldwide. He is the star and executive producer of the #1 self-help show on Youtube, and his podcast, The Charged Life, debuted at #1 on iTunes across all categories in multiple countries. His seminars include High Performance Academy, the legendary personal development program for achievers, and Experts Academy, the world’s most comprehensive marketing training for authors, speakers, coaches, and online thought leaders. For these works, Larry King named Brendon "one of the top motivation and marketing trainers in the world."

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The Charged Life is a weekly self-help show full of #motivation, #inspiration, and #high performance strategies with bestselling author, motivational speaker and High Performance Academy founder Brendon Burchard. Filmed in one take, without any notes or prompter, the show has become one of the most viewed direct-to-camera self-help series in the history of Youtube. It's also been the #1 Podcast in all of iTunes and is regularly in the top podcasts in Self-Help and Health categories around the globe. Subscribe to the free motivational podcast here:


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