MY HELLCAT MAY BE TOTALED SMFH.. Expensive Fails: Mo Money, Mo Fails 2 days ago   18:56

Tall Guy Car Reviews
RDBLA is about to get the Hellkeazy back up and running G Squad and I'm excited to see the outcome! So make sure y'all stay locked in by Subscribing and hitting that bell I'd greatly appreciate it seriously!

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Orrin DeNeal
You have a beautiful pitbull
Yo Dad
Yo is this thing still clean title??
Eduardo Chacon
I always see this beautiful truck in ARIZONA
John stafford
Truck is big how did you get it in there dam that crazy
John stafford
Nice blue color it would look good on hellcat 💪💪💪
Totaled? Ummm. You seen DYI Gangs channel....
el do
Hood rat ...
Joseph Hampton
you should get rid of it get red eye challenger
Kenneth Dantzler
Keep the truck
David Martinez
Big extra chapped 😂
King of sting
I'm surprised you haven't gotten a push button start on your ramreazy
King of sting
I don't think you should sell your Ram. A beefy truck is one of your dream wips. Also, I think you should keep the same wrap on your hellcat.
Travis Randolph
Buy a stubby antenna
Real Estate 101
Yea time to get that aventador bro. Maybe partner with another channel to rebuild a salvage aventador...
Daniel Gallardo
It's not totaled
Wrong, even if you do the “dealership” or dodge fender flares you still have to cut and weld. .
David Oliver
What happened to wifey.
That wrap don’t play gee 😷😷
Dustin Squires
I got a wide body and they chop up the rear quarter panel at the factory, the rivets are hidden behind the flare on the factory wide body, So once you go wide body you cant go back, at lease on the rear quarter panel,
Homie do the octane red wrap
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Expensive Fails: Mo Money, Mo Fails MY HELLCAT MAY BE TOTALED SMFH.. 2 days ago   06:20

You know what they say: Mo money, mo fails! Check out this fresh batch of expensive fails. We've got houses collapsing, motorcycles breaking and of course funny super car fails (including a Lamborghini and Ferrari!) Let us know if you like the comp and want to see more expensive fails in the future!


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Sports Car Crashes Into Curb
Guy Crashes and Destroys Drone
Guy Kicks Desk During Failed Spin Kick
Guy Kicks Football Into Drone
Demolition Crew Pulls Down Wind Turbine
Guy Loses Phone After Juggling It on Pier
Guy Runs Over Friend With Snowmobile
Guy Tips Sail Boat Over
RC Helicopter Crashes Into Crowd
Handlebar Breaks During Motorcycle Wheelie
Motorcyclist Loses Bike in Pool
Guy Drops Drone into Grill
Guy Breaks TV While Playing VR Game
Off-Road Truck Crashes on Windshield
Surfer Rescues Man After Boat Sinks
Guy Drops Camera Lens in Pool
Liquid Sprays From Hood of Car
Guy Converts Sports Car Into Snow Plow
Plate Glass Falls off Ladder
Expensive Car Stuck in Water
Kid's Phone Falls off Side of Bridge
House Gets Swallowed by Sinkhole
Cameraman Hit with BMX Bike
Car Drives Under Gate Arm at Parking Garage
Scooter Drives Off Stage During Event
Guy Falls While Playing Virtual Reality Game
Guy Crashes Drone Into Roof
Light Fixture Collapses Under Man's Weight
Bicyclist Launched off Ramp Hits Drone
Guy's Phone Falls Through Hole in Ice
Guy Drops Expensive Trombone
Man Carelessly Drops expensive Camera
Luxurious Car Crashes Between Two Cars
Man Attempts to Wakeboard with Laptop
Kitten and Laptop Fall Off Couch
Girl Accidentally Spills Coffee On Computer
Wedding Photo Shoot on Deck Falls into Water
Guy Shatters Champage Bottle with Knife
Boat Launch Crane Loses Boat
Boat Parking Catastrophe

Expensive Fails: Mo Money, Mo Fails (February 2018) | FailArmy