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No Country For Old Men - Mexican Song Scene

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Henry Hammond
This is how I wake up every Saturday...
Zülfikar Demirel
Quisiste volar sin alas,
Quisiste tocar el cielo,
Quisistes mucha riquezas,
Quisiste jugar con fuego

Y ahora que aquí te encuentras
Las buenas con las malas
Los llantos se te olvidaron
Los que tu destino mataron...
So do mariachi bands regularly go up and play in front of random sleeping homeless people?
The Truth
I want to wake up in Mexico to this song
leonardo h
They just stopped playing when they saw he was all bloody lol
Pedro Aguilar
Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico
Hez Uleh
Wow, I just realised this scene is kind of like the "agua, por favor" scene, except the roles have been reversed.
John Fernandes - jfmax2000
Oh Man Do I Love This Scene From No Country for Old Men :-) (Just Wish They Would Have Let Them Play The Song For a Longer Period of Time in The Scene) Thanx a Mil for The Up :) (y)
Sergio Calderon
You wanted to fly without wings
You wanted to touch the sky
You wanted a lot of wealth
You wanted to play with fire
DocDoomClassic 52
Laughed so hard at this and I don't know why.
Martin Velez
The lyrics of the song are literally the perfect metaphor to what he has gone through in the film. He went too far getting in the middle of the situation and thinking he could have gotten away with it.
the only scenes with any music
Mario Moreno
i like the song
erika cruz
They ask if you need help first.
Their not Animales !
Erick Barreto
Hey guys the song name is Volar sin alas/puno de tierra by mike sanches & the wild bunch. Found it only on itunes and spotify.
Whats the song ?
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Javier Bardem winning Best No Country For Old Men - Mexican Song Scene 3 months ago   01:17

Javier Bardem winning the Oscar® for Best Supporting Actor for "No Country For Old Men" at the 80th Annual Academy Awards®.