A Cat Wandered into A Bar One Night And What ANIMALS Being JERKS - Funny 6 months ago   02:08

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Cairo, who is about 7-years-old, has his very own Facebook page, Cairo the Magnificent,
and neighbors in Kenwick regularly post their encounters with the extremely friendly ginger cat.


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Paul Lucas
Plot Twist: The cat actually owns the bar
More made up crap vids from this channel...FUCK !!!
Jay Azathoth
Then the Board of Health nuked the place from orbit.
Margaret Partlow
Cats are wonderful they love to be friends with people X🐕🙂
Angelofmusic Wonder
Only a cat has those kind of balls! Love the shot of him sitting at the bar..
Sally Lemon
Cairo kept asking for God's forgiveness over the sins he kept witnessing in the bar every single day
Sheila Bloom
Making the world a happier place.
Andre Pärn
great now we have cat-aholics
Stefan Herns
Awesome & Funny video, Beautiful Kitty!
Lisa USA
He’ll have a Tuna-tini :)
Michael Jackson & Queen forever
Cat: well yeah, my owner just cheated on me by petting another cat so I m here to drink my sorrows away.

Bartender: (skeptically) Ok!?
Mitch Banner
Dilly Dilly!
Jordan Clark
funny bars are bad for you though
So .... what happened next?
Am getting a bar stool for my kitty
Yasmeen sarm
I bet in his former life that bar used to be his joint😁
Sin Higurashi
It's Puss N' boots.
Sassy Cali 50
and said ouch!!!!
Simon Roman
I guess Cairo is the town’s friendly neighborhood pussycat😂
Chris p
It's cool that the bartenders and customers liked the cat
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ANIMALS Being JERKS - Funny A Cat Wandered into A Bar One Night And What 6 months ago   10:41

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3:22 - cat vs dog. brutal fight
3:31 - cat vs dog 2
3:45 - animal robbery
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4:46 - leave it opened
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5:21 - bird steals camera
5:31 - i would be scared
5:39 - just let me do what i do!
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6:46 - funny birds stealing food
7:43 - this cat wanna play
8:12 - funny dog yoga
8:35 - animals scary prank
8:50 - dogs vs kids
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