Amr Diab In World Music Awards Amarain - Amr Diab قمرين - عمرو 2 days ago   06:12

Mohamed Shabaka
The Complete Full Video Of The Egyptian Mega Star Amr Diab In Monaco For The Third Time In His Career Winning The World Music Awards For The Year 2007 For Being The World's Best Middle Eastern Artist Selling More Than 15,000,000 Copies ,Amr Diab Is A True Legend Selling More Than 250,000,000 Copies All His Career Since 1983 .

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الجنوبي ٩١١
من اجمل الاغاني السمعتها
ishwor shrestha
really multypal talent
ِAbdelrhman mofadel
razan says his name like a fucktard she says it deeeeeab, it's dyab
@vaex23 ana leek
Steve Monge
Adham Nafea
why he didnt mention Egypt!! wtf dude!!
Elissa keep mentionion lebanon lebanon..ya3ni fa2a3na walahi!
Nada Saad
then dunt watch the video
Mody Shaheen
hahahahaha..the biggest joke ever:):):),friend you are comming to comment on amr diab's video having the 3rd wma just like micheal jackson and say tamer hosny???no my friend..i will tell you some..amr was sometime the 11th most selling artist on the world on us board and amr has 2 songs in the best 100 songs of the history on of them in the top 50,,this needs a miracle for that guy called tamer to just be close:):):)
Carsten Schade
Who is this good kisser on the picture, you?

Greetings from Holland!

Ciao Carsten
whats the girls name
Abdul Aly
he wasnt even singing live!!! just played a track....MOUNIR IS THE KING not diab!!
You r really great, but those dancers, God!!!
mm rk
The song is called Ne'oul eh (what can we say )
Go Amr Diaab , u r a LEGEND
Meshanna B
what is the name of this song
i don't know who he is but I like the song
it sound good so
that wad a great performance
wow! Amr is the King !
i like arabic music specially AmrDiab and Nancy Ajram.
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Amarain - Amr Diab قمرين - عمرو Amr Diab In World Music Awards 2 days ago   04:16

Amarain - Amr Diab قمرين - عمرو دياب
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